Chapter 2035: Implicate (1)

    Chapter 2035: Implicate (1)

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    Five days without any news and Jiang Yun Long sent people out to bring back the team leader Meng Yi Liang. But sending human spirits out to search for him, Jiang Yun Long suddenly came to discover that Meng Yi Liang had disappeared!

    To put it more accurately, besides the human spirits stationed just outside the perimeter of the Tranquil Dreams Forest in watch, all the spirits that had been sent inside the Tranquil Dreams Forest did not have a single one return. That situation immediately threw Jiang Yun Long into shock.

    The death of a spirit body would not leave a single trace and close to a hundred human spirits had gone missing, where it could almost be certain that they had already died.

    What made it more terrifying was that within the Tranquil Dream Forest, there were no signs of any other spirits, and all the human spirits guarding the outside of the Tranquil Dreams Forest had not seen Jun Wu Xie and her companions come out.

    Jiang Yun Long was no idiot. If Jun Wu Xie was really not in the Tranquil Dream Forest, Meng Yi Liang and the others would at most come back empty handed, and would definitely not disappear altogether just like that. It was impossible for such a strange phenomenon to occur as how could close to a hundred human spirits vanish into thin air?

    The only conclusion could only mean that they were all dead!

    With the thought that Meng Yi Liang and the other men could have been killed by Jun Wu Xie, Jiang Yun Long could not help but feel a chill run through him. Meng Yi Liang had mentioned more than once that the first time he had seen Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Xie was just a new spirit soul. How could she possibly come to possess sufficient power to destroy close to a hundred human spirits within one short month?

    But the facts were laid there right before his eyes. Meng Yi Liang and the others have indeed been killed.

    And all the other spirits guarding the outside perimeter of the Tranquil Dreams Forest had completely not seen even the shadow of Jun Wu Xie.

    Towards that, Jiang Yun Long was furious as he summoned the leader in charge of those standing guard outside, to ask him carefully about the situation at the outside perimeter of the Tranquil Dreams Forest over the past few days.

    "We were all following Eldest Senior's orders to stand guard outside the Tranquil Dreams Forest. We had not seen any spirit enter nor exit, and had not seen that Jun Wu Xie." The leader reported with his brow bathed in cold sweat. If news of this incident spreads, they would all be deeply embarrassed. With so many of them stationed outside the perimeter of the Tranquil Dreams Forest, they had still allowed Jun Wu Xie to escape unnoticed after she killed their people. If Wu Jiu was to hear about it, they would all be finished!

    "Have all of you really surrounded the Tranquil Dreams Forest fully? Without anyone of you gone missing?" Jiang Yun Long's brows were tightly knitted together. Things had gone beyond his expectations. He had thought that he would be able to capture Jun Wu Xie easily, and had never once thought that he would not only lose so many men, but they had not even found the shadow of Jun Wu Xie.

    "I have already taken stock of the spirits standing guard outside the Tranquil Dreams Forest and there had not been any losses. But while standing guard at the perimeter, some of them told me that they encountered Poison Ivy. Poison Ivy had said that they were all disturbing his rest and he chased them away." The human spirit then paused a moment, before he said trepidly: "Poison Ivy holds extremely great power, and has an eccentric temperament. So those people did not dare to remain there for long before they quickly dispersed away a little."

    "Poison Ivy?" Jiang Yun Long's eyes narrowed slightly. "When did that happen?"

    "Five days ago."

    "What a bunch of morons! I had clearly told all of you that not an inch is to be missed. With just a few words from Poison Ivy and all of you had my orders go in one ear and come out of the other! ?" Jiang Yun Long drew in a deep breath. Based on the current situation, there was a high possibility that Jun Wu Xie's escape had something to do with Poison Ivy. He just did not believe that Jun Wu Xie would have such exceptional ability to be able to escape under the eyes of so many human spirits who surrounded the entire place, unless someone secretly lent her a hand!

    The man was highly taken aback as he then said carefully: "They did not think so much into it as afterall..... It is widely known that Poison Ivy does not like to have any dealings with human spirits."
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