Chapter 2036: Implicate (2)

    Chapter 2036: Implicate (2)

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    Poison Ivy's eccentric temperament was well known throughout the Spirit World, and it was not known why he loathed human spirits, where he never liked to have any kind of contact with human spirits. Hence, those few human spirits standing guards had not thought too much about it.

    Jiang Yun Long was silent, not speaking a single word, the shade on his face extremely ugly.

    He knew more or less a little of Poison Ivy's temperament. Logically, things were as what this man was saying to him, that Poison Ivy deeply abhorred coming into contact with any human spirit. And based on what Meng Yi Liang had said before, Jun Wu Xie did not seem to know the Spirit World well, where it could be ascertained that she had not been in the Spirit World for long. Then it would also be reasonable to deduce that Poison Ivy would not know her as well....

    Jiang Yun Long thought left and right about it when suddenly, the scene where Nalan Shan was rescued suddenly appeared in his mind.

    Nalan Shan had only been able to escape on that day because of the strange vines that had suddenly appeared. And who in the Spirit World did not know that Poison Ivy's original form was a vine!

    Could it be that Poison Ivy was involved in all of this?

    "Go send men to go into the forest where new spirit souls stay and see if you can find any sign of Jun Wu Xie. Since she is already aware that we are seeking to capture her, she would definitely be prepared. If any of you discover her, don't be too anxious to act but just tail her secretly and send someone to come inform me about it. I'll then go deal with the matter myself." Jiang Yun Long said as he discovered in surprise that Poison Ivy might be involved in this matter. If that turned out to be true, then the matter would no longer be something that he would be able to deal with himself.

    The man acknowledged his orders and retreated. Jiang Yun Long then immediately stood up and left as well.

    Inside a elegant little courtyard, Jiang Yun Long strode with long strides towards its study.

    The door into the study was tightly shut, and Jiang Yun Long walked up to the door. He composed himself before he raised a hand up and knocked upon the door.

    "Who is it?" A soft and effeminate voice sounded from inside the room.

    "Master, It's me. Jiang Yun Long."

    "Come on in."

    Jiang Yun Long pushed the door opened. In the study, a handsome man dressed in white clothes was seated behind the desk. The man did not look to be old, about twenty five or six at the very most, his features exquisite with a pair of long and narrow almond shaped eyes that were highly alluring. But his good looks were slightly effeminate, with a lack of a certain manliness that a man usually possessed.

    "Yun Long? Why have you come to seek me today?" The effeminate man seated behind the desk asked with his brows slightly raised. He was the Spirit Master, Wu Jiu, that was currently most trusted by the Spirit Lord!

    For anyone who had not seen Wu Jiu himself in person, it was feared that they would find it very hard to link this effeminate man together with the powerful, swift and decisive Wu Jiu.

    But before Wu Jiu, Jiang Yun Long did not dare to show the slightest disrespect. He knelt down respectfully on the floor, and then related the series of events that had unfolded in the Tranquil Dreams Forest to Wu Jiu.

    Wu Jiu's brows creased up slightly, his eyes tinted with malice.

    "Master, if Poison Ivy is really involved in this matter, I am afraid that our intention to capture the Spiritual Bear will be known by the Beast Spirits very soon. If the Plant Spirits and the Beast Spirits join forces, it will surely be disadvantageous to us." Jiang Yun Long said solemnly.

    Wu Jiu suddenly laughed out loud, that sounded filled with indescribable ridicule.

    "That motley bunch? Even if they joined forces, what kind of tricks can they come up with?"

    "With all that they are capable of, they would naturally not be a match for my Master you. But now that the time needed for the construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower has been delayed, if we let them kick up another ruckus, it will just make it more difficult for us to capture the Spiritual Bear, which will also prolong the delay in the construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower." Jiang Yun Long reasoned.

    Wu Jiu narrowed his eyes, and the icy glint in those eyes sent chills up people's spines.
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