Chapter 2037: Implicate (3)

    Chapter 2037: Implicate (3)

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    Wu Jiu's gaze slowly fell onto the tabletop to look at the white parchment spread out upon the desk. He picked up a brush and then scribbled on the paper casually.

    "If the Plant Spirits and the Beast Spirits are to join forces..... I would then like to see when are presented with the same kind of temptation, would they remain united." Wu Jiu the drew his last stroke on the parchment, and suddenly raised his head, a cold smile curling up the ends of his mouth.

    "What Master means is..... incite animosity between the Plant Spirits and Beast Spirits?" Jiang Yun Long's eyes lit up slightly.

    Wu Jiu then shook the brush he held in his hand.

    "Incite? No need for that. They will get into a fight all by themselves."

    Jiang Yun Long did not fully understand it.

    Wu Jiu then said: "Get the builders to build up the fourth Serene Spirit Tower as quickly as possible.

    "But, the Spiritual Bear still has not yet been found....." Jiang Yun Long replied.

    "Only to build it up, and not to immediately put it to use." Wu Jiu said with a smile that curled up his lips.

    Jiang Yun Long immediately understood what Wu Jiu meant.

    "Your disciple will act on it immediately!"

    After Jiang Yun Long left, Wu Jiu leaned back in his chair, and casually picked up a book that had no cover from the table to flip through indifferently. If Jun Wu Xie was present, she would have been shocked to see the characters written within that book. Because all those characters were exactly the same as the Spirit Reinforcement Runes that Jun Wu Xie were familiar with!

    Because her looks was known by Jiang Yun Long and all those other human spirits, over the period of the few days she had been back, Jun Wu Xie had never left the place, but had remained there in his room to continue to cultivate. At the same time, Qiao Chu and the other companions had gone out to check on things happening around. It was on a matter of a few days before they came back with news.

    "I heard that the construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower had been sped up. Tell me that they couldn't have possibly caught Brownie right?" Qiao Chu said as he sat on a chair, his face twisted up with worry. Besides practicing their cultivation for the past few days, they had also followed Poppy's lead to go to the place that the fourth Serene Spirit Tower was at. They discovered that the construction that was initially slowed down had suddenly resumed its pace for some unknown reason. This caused Qiao Chu and the others to feel a little nervous about it and Meng Yi Liang had said it before. To build the fourth Serene Spirit Tower, they needed the Spiritual Bear as the foundation. Hence, after Brownie escaped, the construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower had suddenly slowed down. Now that its speed had resumed, did that mean that they had already found Brownie?

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Qiao Chu and said: "Is there any more news regarding my arrest?"

    Because Jun Wu Xie had escaped from the Tranquil Dream Forest, and had killed Meng Yi Liang and his men, she had played Jiang Yun Long well and completely. Jiang Yun Long had been highly frustrated and he had spread the information in the Spirit World that Jun Wu Xie was to be arrested.

    Afterall, compared to Nalan Shan whom every human spirit was familiar with, it would be easier to capture a new spirit soul that no one knew, and no one would discover their real intentions.

    Qiao Chu was taken aback and he scratched his head as he said: "They are still trying to catch you. Now, in any place where people gather, there will be a portrait of you. It seems that that fella Jiang Yun Long is dead set on capturing you."

    "They have not yet captured Brownie." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    Qiao Chu was even more confused. "How do you know they have not caught Brownie?"

    [Could the questions that Jun Wu Xie asked earlier be linked to Brownie in anyway?] Qiao Chu's face was one of shock.

    Rong Ruo standing on one side laughed as she went on to patiently explain: "What Little Xie meant was that the reason that Jiang Yun Long wanted to capture her was merely because he wanted to locate Nalan Shan, and to then find out Brownie's location from Nalan Shan. If they had already caught Brownie, why would they still expend so much of their strength to capture Little Xie?"
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