Chapter 2038: Past and Present Life (1)

    Chapter 2038: Past and Present Life (1)

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    "Could it possibly be because they discovered Little Xie had slaughtered that dumb bunch together with Meng Yi Liang and that is why they are doing this?" Qiao Chu could roughly understand the gist of it, but there were still some parts he did not comprehend.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "They had tried to be extremely secretive with their attempts to capture the Spiritual Bear all this while. If they have already caught Brownie, they would have immediately tried to avoid everyone's attention towards the entire matter and not continue to allow it to become bigger. Hence, if Brownie was in their hands now, they would not have sent so many spirits out on such a large scale to capture me, but would instead concentrate all their resources onto building the Serene Spirit Tower and only come settle scores with me after the construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower is completed."

    "So that's how it is." Qiao Chu said as he rubbed his chin, finally understanding the situation entirely.

    It must be said, that Jun Wu Xie's mind really thought things through completely.

    "Tell me, what did you guys see at the fourth Serene Spirit Tower?" Jun Wu Xie was filled with curiosity about the Serene Spirit Tower and she was eager to resolve her own doubts in her heart through the Serene Spirit Tower.

    Fan Zhuo then told Jun Wu Xie about everything that they had all seen near to the Serene Spirit Tower.

    The fourth Serene Spirit Tower was built in a place where spirit bodies resided and that was not an isolated case. Based on Nalan Shan's previous investigations, the third Serene Spirit Tower had been the same, where they had not picked places that were empty. No one knew what Wu Jiu was thinking but he had just tyrannically taken the land that other spirit bodies were residing on.

    Because of the Serene Spirit Tower's construction, the spirits that originally lived there had no choice but to move away. It was a large scale construction and it had not been that long ago that the fourth Serene Spirit Tower's construction had started. So there were still many spirits who still had not completely moved which made that place to be still rather chaotic.

    At the site of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower, an area around it was closed off that did not allow anyone to get close, forcing Qiao Chu and the companions to only be able to observe from a distance, and not get close.

    With the speed of construction suddenly resumed, the construction team began to recruit workers from outside. Qiao Chu and the others looked over the criteria for recruitment and found that they only needed to be human spirits with no other special requirements which then brought them back here to come discuss it with Jun Wu Xie about it.

    "I was thinking why don't we grab this chance to sneak ourselves in there?" Qiao Chu was a little excited and restless as the mystery behind the Serene Spirit Tower filled him up with the desire to investigate deeper into it.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head, thinking the exact same thing.

    "But there is a problem now. What do we do with Little Xie's looks?" Fan Zhuo asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie was now a spirit and not in her flesh form, hence those things she used to alter her looks in the past could not really be used now.

    And there was nothing like that among the things that Ye Jie had prepared for Jun Wu Xie. In the Spirit World where Jun Wu Xie's portrait was stuck all over, if Jun Wu Xie were to make an appearance with a face like hers, she would definitely be caught immediately before she could sneak herself in.

    That was a point that Jun Wu Xie had thought of. In the Cosmos Sack that Ye Jie had prepared for her, it was filled with things that spirits were able to use, but there were no medicinal products in there. Moreover, she did not feel that medicinal compounds based on flesh and skin would be able to alter a spirit body's face.

    "Little Xie." Suddenly, Jun Wu Yao who had been sitting at the side suddenly opened his mouth.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her head to look at Jun Wu Yao. Seeing him beckoning at her, she then walked over to him.

    Jun Wu Yao reached his hand out and lifted Jun Wu Xie's chin. Looking at that exquisite little face, he said: "If you want to alter your looks, why would you need anything else? How about letting me help you?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes then lit up.
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