Chapter 506:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (6)”

    Chapter 506:"Consecutive Slaps - Fourth Form (6)"

    The teachers of the Zephyr Academy had upon seeing the flare from the released distress signal, hurried over to its location.

    The team in charge of safety for this Spirit Hunt was formed by the elite personnel in the Zephyr Academy. The leader of this team was the highly revered indigo spirit exponent in the Zephyr Academy, Nangong Xu. The team comprised of five other highly skilled blue leveled spirit users in an attempt to fully protect their disciples in case of any accidents that might occur within the Battle Spirits Forest.

    Nangong Xu's age was way past a sexagenarian, and his greyish white beard made him look seventy or eighty years old. However, his actual age had already gone past a century and he was an esteemed and well known figure, his name spread far and wide across the lands, as one of the most highly skilled exponents in existence. All this while, when distress signal flares were spotted, the job of the rescue usually fell onto those teachers who held blue leveled spiritual powers, but this time, even Nangong Xu moved out together with them. The reason being that the location where the distress signal flare was released fell in a region beyond the area the Zephyr Academy marked out for the Spirit Hunt. No one knew what kind of unimaginable danger the disciples might have encountered in that unfamiliar territories and they had no choice but to activate the strongest Nangong Xu among them.

    Nangong Xu led the team to weave speedily through the dense forest towards the spot where the distress signal had been spotted, feeling mightily displeased.

    Before the Spirit Hunt had commenced, they had repeatedly emphasised that none of the disciples were to step beyond the boundaries marked out on their maps. But the location that the distress signal had been fired from this time had come from deep within the Battle Spirits Forest, which obviously showed that disciples had breached their given instructions.

    However, when Nangong Xu and his team reached their destination, they were completely shocked by what they found.

    They saw more than twenty disciples of the Zephyr Academy sitting upon the ground with their faces all pale, huddled closely together. Several tall and well built men stood around them with their sharp swords drawn in guard.

    "Who are you people!? How dare you abduct our disciples of the Zephyr Academy!?" Nangong Xu's face quickly twisted up in rage. The Zephyr Academy's name was widely recognised throughout the lands and the Zephyr Academy's uniform was well known to all the countries and the various powers. It was known that no one would dare risk incurring the enmity of the Zephyr Academy by mistreating their disciples. But what he saw before his eyes today, went way beyond any of Nangong Xu's expectations.

    The few soldiers from the Rui Lin Army who were guarding Lu Wei Jie and his teammates frowned, and before they could say a word, the teachers standing behind Nangong Xu had actually swooped in to attack them!

    The Rui Lin Army soldiers could only hastily put up their hands in defence!

    In a blink of an eye, the two groups were already caught up in battle.

    The soldiers from the Rui Lin Army were already carrying injuries and their skills are power were inferior to the highly skilled exponents with their blue leveled spirits. The Rui Lin Army soldiers were quickly thrown into a disadvantageous position. The prior wounds on their bodies that had only just closed split open again successively and blood splattered all over, presenting a garish sight to the others once again.

    The gravely injured Rui Lin Army soldier was also attacked by the teachers from the Zephyr Academy. One of his arm was immobilised by a splint and he could only lift his sword with his other arm, to fend off the attack!

    Lu Wei Jie and his teammates had been anxiously anticipating the arrival of their teachers and they were greatly startled by the messy battle that had broken out before their eyes. The delight that had just sparked when the teachers arrived had not even taken root in their hearts when the sight of the blood splattering out from the wounds on the bodies of the Rui Lin Army soldiers exploded before them and their faces immediately became aghast!

    "Teacher Nangong! Stop! Stop fighting!" Lu Wei Jie stood forward hurriedly, his face still pale, his entire body trembling visibly.

    Nangong Xu raised an eyebrow and was about to speak when a heavy and robust voice sounded behind him.

    "This is the way the Zephyr Academy does things? Their disciples fails at their attempt to murder and their teachers come to silence the target?" A chilling voice filled with rage suddenly rang out.

    Nangong Xu turned his head quickly and saw a towering figure leading a group of people towards him. He peered closely at the group and noticed that there were several other youths dressed in the Zephyr Academy's uniform behind the tall man in the lead, and recognised one of them to be the son of Fan Qi, the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, Fan Jin!
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