Chapter 509:”Consecutive Slaps – Fourth Form (9)”

    Chapter 509:"Consecutive Slaps - Fourth Form (9)"

    "Did all of you really commit such atrocities?" Nangong Xu was trembling with rage, those kids had tangled with the Cloud Treading Peak and even gotten themselves entangled with the Rui Lin Army. These little bastards had really stirred up a big pot of trouble!

    Did they know how much effort the Zephyr Academy's Headmaster had put in trying to locate Mu Chen and these scoundrels had dared to attempt to kill Mu Chen's disciples!

    Wouldn't this incident turn Mu Chen against them! ?

    Lu Wei Jie was so terrified that his face had not a single bit of colour. When he came to realise that Long Qi was from the Rui Lin Army, he had fallen over backwards, his buttocks hitting hard onto the ground, wanting to cry, but no tears came out.

    "Teacher Nangong! I wasn't the one who started all this, it was Ning Xin! Ning Xin was the one who wanted the Guardian grade Spirit Beast to kill all of them! I was merely baited by her alluring words to carry it out!" Lu Wei Jie was almost screaming in plea, in desperation.

    The matter was becoming too big to handle and there was no way he could shoulder it alone!

    When he heard Ning Xin's name being mentioned, Nangong Xu's face paled once again.

    "It was all her! She knew that General Long and his men possessed extraordinary skills and she had initially wanted to use the map she possessed to exchange for high grade spirit stones from General Long and his men. She later decided to try to win them over but General Long refused to play along with her. She felt humiliated, and it quickly turned to rage. She then schemed up this plan to get General Long and his men killed. All of it was Ning Xin's doing! All her!" Lu Wei Jie was so terrified he couldn't think straight anymore, and he just heaped all the blame onto Ning Xin.

    She was heartless first, so don't blame him for being disloyal!

    Nangong Xu was deeply traumatised by the revealed truth and had was about to refute in Ning Xin's defence when he suddenly remembered. Just earlier, the teachers had spotted Ning Xin's distress signal flare and the location was not too far from here. When Ning Xin and Yin Yan had announced their voluntary withdrawal from the Spirit Hunt, it had greatly puzzled the teachers, and Nangong Xu himself had felt a little pity for their loss then.

    Now that he had heard Lu Wei Jie's accusations, he found that he was beginning to understand why those two had voluntarily withdrawn when they were practically unscathed.

    "Is it clear to you now?" Long Qi asked his voice dripped with derision. "Allowing their disciples to commit murder and robbery, and their teachers played accomplice to those evil deeds by injuring the soldiers of our Rui Lin Army. In regards to this debt, the Rui Lin Army will most definitely be coming to the Zephyr Academy to seek an answer for it."

    Rong Heng added: "This incident will be reported to my Master when I get back and I'll let our Master demand for justice for us!"

    Nangong Xu was feeling rather weak in both of his legs. The esteemed Rui Lin Army and the highly revered Mu Chen..... They were in for it for real this time! Even though the Rui Lin Army would not deploy their military might against the Zephyr Academy, but when news of this incident  spread from the mouths of the Rui Lin Army and Mu Chen, it would not be long before the whole world would know the Zephyr Academy as a place which housed a bunch of petty thieves who would commit despicable murder to loot. The prestigious and sanctimonious reputation of the Zephyr Academy would be crushed to pieces, without a trace left!

    "I plead for the two gentlemen to hold your anger! This incident was caused by the Zephyr Academy's inadequacies in the discipline of our disciples! I would implore that you would take into account of the Zephyr Academy's name and grant us some time. The Zephyr Academy will surely give you men a satisfactory answer! The Zephyr Academy does not tolerate such atrocities!" To protect the prestigious name of the Zephyr Academy, Nangong Xu had no choice but to hurriedly speak out in assurance. He could not allow the incident to blow up any further. If this matter was not properly handled, the century old long standing renown the Zephyr Academy had built up, would be completely destroyed!

    "Alright, we shall await the Zephyr Academy to give us a suitable reply in regards to this incident. But if the matter is not well handled, we shall employ our own methods to demand justice for this. I would ask that the Zephyr Academy do not disappoint us." Long Qi retorted coldly.

    "Yes. Yes." Nangong Xu cowered, as he wiped off the cold sweat upon his brow. The stakes involved in this incident was too big for him to handle and he could only wait till he returned back to the Zephyr Academy, to have the Headmaster, Fan Qi, decide on it.
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