Chapter 525: “The Wind Kicks Up (4)”

    Chapter 525: "The Wind Kicks Up (4)"

    "The Zephyr Academy does not do its revered reputation justice and abuses its power for personal gain! We will not accept the injustice!"

    Lu Wei Jie's loud proclamation made all the disciples within the Zephyr Academy prick up their ears!

    They did not know what had caused Lu Wei Jie and the others to be expelled from the Zephyr Academy and when they heard what Lu Wei Jie had just said, they began to think that there was more than meets the eye in the matter!

    Among the crowd of disciples, a tiny figure stood right at the back of everyone and a slight cold smile appeared on the delicate features on that face.

    'Lu Wei Jie, I spared you your life back then, today, you must really put up a good show for me in return.'

    "Senior Lu!" The other youths who had been thrown out with him stared worriedly at Lu Wei Jie. They were been accomplices to the crime and had been similarly victimised in this matter hence they naturally knew what Lu Wei Jie was about to say next!

    "All of our futures have been ruined and how much longer do you want to hide the truth for that person!? All of you might be willing to be stepping stones for that person but not me! She was the one behind all of this, so why should we bear all the consequences! ? She is still safe and sound within the academy, enjoying the love and respect from all the disciples who are ignorant of the truth!" Lu Wei Jie scolded the others through tightly clenched teeth.

    He was not about to go down without a fight.

    The group of youths lowered their head, the sense of injustice in their hearts were suddenly sparked by Lu Wei Jie's fiery words!

    "Ning Xin! If you still have any conscience left in you, come out here right this instant! You were overcome by your own greed and attempted to murder the disciples from the Cloud Treading Peak and the General of the Rui Lin Army! The attempt failed and you pushed all the blame onto us! In order for the Zephyr Academy to answer to the Cloud Treading Peak and the Rui Lin Army, they have dumped all responsibility for the matter on all of us here and thrown us out of the Zephyr Academy, making us bear all the blame! We have no other way out of this, while you are being absolved completely from the matter! Just because your father is the Vice Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy! Just because the Headmaster and your father are fellow disciples!" Lu Wei Jie was not going to hold back in the slightest. Since Ning Xin and Ning Rui were not giving them a way out of this, he didn't see any need to hide anything!

    Even if he would not be able to finish his academic studies, he was confident he would still succeed with his family's strong connections!

    Lu Wei Jie's words stirred the crowd of disciples gathered before them!

    What is this about the Cloud Treading Peak!? What is this about the Rui Lin Army..... The two names uttered endlessly thundered in the ears and stuck like lightning into the hearts of the disciples there!

    Ning Xin plotted against those two powers!?

    What really happened!!?

    Fanned by Lu Wei Jie's inflammatory words, the other youths who had been prepared to forgive and move on were suddenly acutely made aware of the discrepancy in the punishment meted out to Ning Xin and them. They grew angry and joined with Lu Wei Jie, spilling every single detail they knew about the incident that happened in the Battle Spirits Forest.

    More than twenty youths chirped, one after another, as they explained in detail, all that had gone on in their own words.

    The real truth when revealed, had all the disciples tongue tied and staring in disbelief, their faces in shock!

    Lu Wei Jie and Ning Xin were both well known and leading figures among the disciples of the Zephyr Academy. Although Lu Wei Jie was not as worshipped and loved like Ning Xin was, but he possessed great power and was an individual who won everyone's praise as a prodigious youth.

    Both of them had enjoyed a rather good relationship with each other and all the disciples knew that they had been in the same team during the Spirit Hunt.

    But now, everyone in that team had been thrown out together with Lu Wei Jie, but for the exception of Ning Xin and Yin Yan. The circumstances were already suspicious by itself and with Lu Wei Jie and the others' statements, a fiery debate suddenly erupted heatedly among all the disciples!

    Nobody could easily accept the picture of the usually gentle and graceful Senior Ning they had in their minds could possibly be the very same person as the image of a greedy murderer who lusted for personal enrichment and was a despicable girl, who would betray her own fellow disciples, as described by Lu Wei Wei Jie and the group of twenty over youths before them.

    Lu Wei Jie and the other youths grew angrier as they spoke and they went on to blast at Ning Rui and Fan Qi for the unjust and unequal way the matter had been handled.

    "You think that you can use us to appease the rage of the Cloud Treading Peak and the Rui Lin Army!? I think you are making a very big mistake here! As brilliant as General Long is, he will never believe your one sided response. You just wait till the Rui Lin Army comes knocking upon these very gates!"
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