Chapter 538: “Chan Lin Town (1)”

    Chapter 538: "Chan Lin Town (1)"

    Fan Zhuo seeked Fan Jin out and told him that he would be going out on a trip with Jun Xie. Fan Jin had remained silent a moment and after his moment of hesitation, Jun Xie said something that freed Fan Jin of all his worries.

    For the trip, it won't only be Fan Zhuo and Jun Xie, but they would also be accompanied by Qiao Chu and his gang.

    Having seen for himself the astounding powers of Qiao Chu and his companions, Fan Jin was undoubtedly assured of their protection. But the branch division was still a distance away from the main division and it would pose a bit of difficulty for Jun Xie to pass the word to Qiao Chu and the others. The task had inevitably fallen onto Fan Jin to carry it out.

    As the son of the Headmaster, it would be easy for him to go to the branch division and request for a few disciples from them.

    That task was done that very afternoon and he even arranged for horse drawn carriages for them, reminding them to be careful on their trip.

    The nearest auction house from the Zephyr Academy was a half day's journey away. Coinciding with the end of the month, after the disciples of the Zephyr Academy had survived through the exhausting trials in the Battle Spirits Forest, they were rewarded with five days off. During that period, some of the disciples might choose to recuperate and recover themselves by staying in the academy while others would choose to gather in groups, making their way to the towns close to the Zephyr Academy for some rest and relaxation.

    The most prosperous town, bustling with activity, in the vicinity of the Zephyr Academy was Chan Lin Town.

    Chan Lin had been a small little town, relatively unknown. And it was due to its proximity to the Zephyr Academy that it had gradually grown and expanded, making the once small town fabulously prosperous. The fees for the Zephyr Academy were exorbitant and all their disciples were from rich and powerful families. The merchants had accurately eyed this business opportunity and flocked to Chan Lin Town, causing the once inconspicuous small town, to forcibly expand into the most busy and flourishing place to be in that area.

    On their days off at the end of every month, the disciples of the Zephyr Academy from both the main and branch divisions would clamber onto horse drawn carriages and make their way towards Chan Lin Town. The disciples would wilfully squander their riches there, releasing the pent up tensions within, accumulated in the past month.

    The Zephyr Academy's main and branch divisions were not sharing the same campus and Qiao Chu and his gang could only join up with Jun Wu Xie after arriving in Chan Lin Town.

    As the carriage trundled along, Fan Zhuo was looking outside the window with sparkling eyes at the passing scenery. His eyes soaked up the sight of every passing tree and every blade of grass, bringing about a glow to his slightly pale face.

    After being ill for such a long time, he could not remember the last time he had stepped out of the little bamboo grove, or how long it had been since he had come out from the Zephyr Academy. The vegetation and architecture that lined the road might all have been uninteresting and dull, but to Fan Zhuo's eyes, they made for a wondrous sight.

    He was able to see in the near future, he would be able to peel off his heavy cloak of ill health and enjoy the amazing sights the wondrous world had to offer, traversing the seas and crossing over the mountains.

    As his longing for the exciting future he saw in his mind grew, Fan Zhuo could not help but to turn around and stare at Jun Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie wasn't interested in the scenery and when she saw Fan Zhuo turn to her, she unconsciously picked up the little black cat from her lap and threw it right into Fan Zhuo's face!


    What was that for! ? Would it still be alright if it had fallen out of the window! ?

    Having the cat shoved right onto his face, Fan Zhuo was shocked. He hurriedly moved to carry the soft furry cat, cradling it in his arms, and soon a rosy tinge rose into his cheeks as his fingers caressed the soft fluffy touch of the cat's fur.

    The little black cat gave up on struggling and stretched itself out while its eyes looked mournfully at Lord Meh Meh who had snuggled itself deep into Jun Wu Xie's embrace.

    Ever since the dumb sheep had appeared, its standing in its mistress' eyes had fallen lower every single day.

    [Life has no more "meow"ning!]
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