Chapter 547: “Mysterious Black Stone (4)”

    Chapter 547: "Mysterious Black Stone (4)"

    Fan Zhuo spoke with a serious tone, his eyes locked onto the Black Jade Stone as a sudden sparkle shone from deep within his clear eyes.

    "Black Silver?" Rong Ruo's eyes suddenly narrowed when she heard the term used. She looked at Fan Zhuo, her eyes seemingly seeking for something.

    Qiao Chu and the others had a queer look in their eyes as well, but their curious look in their stares suddenly disappeared as quickly as they had appeared.

    "It is a kind of metal extremely suitable for the forging of spirit rings. It is very rare, that big piece of Black Jade Rock there would only yield an amount of Black Silver roughly the size of a pigeon's egg." Fan Zhuo was absorbed in his explanation and he suddenly hesitated a moment before he turned to Jun Xie.

    "Little Xie, that item is really suitable for the forging of everyone's spirits rings, why don't I try to place a bid for it?"

    They already had the spirit stones, but they still have not decided on the metal to be used for the forging.

    "No need." Jun Wu Xie replied. "I'll buy it."

    Fan Zhuo was surprised.

    Jun Wu Xie turned to look at Fan Zhuo and said: "You can't afford it."

    Fan Zhuo immediately blushed a slight pink.

    He had really forgotten all about that! He had rarely come out and was completely unfamiliar with the pricing of things outside. Before he had left, Fan Jin had shoved several thousand taels into his hands and after thinking a little further, he realised that his few thousand taels was hopelessly inadequate when it came to buying a three hundred thousand taels item.....

    No way he could afford it!

    Fan Zhuo's red face grew into a brighter shade.

    Qiao Chu was as insensitive as ever as he roared in laughter, placing a big hand on Fan Zhuo's shoulder.

    "Little Zhuo, do not worry! We are all "kept" by Miss Moneybags! Little Xie is fabulously rich!" After saying that, Qiao Chu even shamelessly threw Jun Wu Xie a wink.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say a word, and just rolled her eyes.

    "Dumb Qiao is really getting more and more shameless." Fei Yan sneered.

    Qiao Chu did not bite the bait and said: "Not shameless, you buy it then."

    "....." Fei Yan was at a loss for words.

    Hua Yao shook his head in helplessness. Being "kept" by Jun Wu Xie, Dumb Qiao integrity had really crumbled to total oblivion.

    After the decision was made, Jun Wu Xie rang the bronze bell on the second level.

    The bell rang loud and clear, and the muted whispers among the crowd died suddenly. Everyone raised their head to peer up into the second level.

    The ringing of the bronze bell was an indication that a guest on the second level had made a bid.

    Backstage, the bandaged man who had fallen into dejection and despair suddenly looked up, peering in the direction where the bell had sounded. He looked into a private room high up on the second level and saw a tiny and petite figure. He had delicate features and was a young youth. He stood by the rail, his hand holding the bronze bell.

    The youth was speaking to a servant who had hurried over to him and the Chan Lin Auction House servant hollered: "Guest in private room one makes a bid for three hundred thousand taels!"

    That shout ignited the hushed crowd in the Chan Lin Auction House into a sudden fervour!

    [Someone was actually willing to spend three hundred thousand taels on that broken and useless piece of rock!? Has that person gone mad?]

    Everyone clamoured to see, trying to peer into the private room on the second level.

    When they all saw that it was a rather young youth, everyone thought the same thing, "the fool and his money soon parts". They felt the young and ignorant whelp must have been so impressed at hearing the words "Heaven's End Cliff" and naively thought that the item held immeasurable value, if not, no one would ever spend such a big amount of money so carelessly.

    Besides the many who were shocked, many more were snickering quietly, sneering at Jun Wu Xie's naivety for having been duped by the Chan Lin Auction House.

    After the unimaginable ordeal he went through waiting for someone to make a bid, the auctioneer almost cried tears of relief. He did not hesitate in the slightest as he raised his little hammer and struck it down three times in quick succession, mortally afraid that Jun Wu Xie would pull back the offer and he hurried to seal the deal as quickly as he could.
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