Chapter 549: “Mysterious Black Stone (6)”

    Chapter 549: "Mysterious Black Stone (6)"

    After a short while, He Chang Le came back. The other man who was with him made Qiao Chu and the others stare, their eyes widened.

    That man was tall and muscular, and his entire body was fully covered with bandages. Although his clothes covered up much of the bandages, it was nevertheless clear that he was fully wrapped up in them. Before he had even gotten close to the companions, the stench of blood could already be smelt in the air. Only his eyes, nose, ears and mouth were exposed while the rest of his head was fully bandaged up and those originally white bandages were tinged with blood and had taken on a slightly red shade.

    He walked slowly as he approached, his huge frame bringing a slightly oppressive air. When he came to stand before Jun Wu Xie, he suddenly clasped a hand over his fist and formally bent over in a deep bow.

    "My name is Mu Qian Fan! I would like to humbly thank this Young Master's generous offer of help." Mu Qian Fan's deep timbred voice almost made them forget about all the injuries that covered his entire body.

    Towards everything that had happened today, Mu Qian Fan was unable to put what he felt into words. If he had not been able to gather the three hundred thousand taels, he would not be able to face his brothers in arms who had passed into the afterlife and the auction today had driven him into utter despair many times over.

    But Jun Wu Xie had at his lowest point, dragged him up from the pits of despair.

    The three hundred thousand taels to him, were just too important!

    "No need." Jun Wu Xie said simply. The stench of blood emanating from the man made her frown slightly. She was silent a moment before she asked: "You've been to the Heaven's End Cliff?"

    Mu Qian Fan thought that Jun Wu Xie was doubting that the black rock had really been retrieved from beyond the Heaven's End Cliff and he hurriedly replied: "Yes. I've been there. This black rock was discovered at the bottom of the cliff by my brothers and me."

    "Tell me about the Heaven's End Cliff and I'll accept it as your thanks." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Mu Qian Fan was slightly surprised. When he saw that Jun Wu Xie's group was a party of young youths, he had thought that their youthful frivolity had piqued their curiosity on the dark rumours that surrounded the Heaven's End Cliff and he readily agreed.

    He Chang Le enquired on the location of the inn they were staying at and instructed his men to sent the item over first. He then furnished Jun Wu Xie and the others with one of the private rooms for them to chat in comfort. The auction house's servants were also thoughtfully instructed to bring them some snacks and tea.

    When they were all seated in the room, Mu Qian Fan appeared a little ill at ease. He was a man past thirty and he had been used to drinking and dining with his brothers in arms who were all around his age. Suddenly thrust into a situation where he was sitting with a group of youths half his age for a chat, made him feel rather out of place.

    Although Jun Wu Xie and her companions were dressed in plain clothes, the material used was of  a high grade. All of them were blessed with kingly features and they carried themselves with an impressive air, looking to be from extraordinary backgrounds, which only fueled his uneasiness further.

    "Big Brother Mu? Please help yourself to a little of the tea and snacks first before you can share with us a little more in detail." Fei Yan could see Mu Qian Fan's uneasiness and offered a cup of tea to Mu Qian Fan with a winsome smile.

    Mu Qian Fan looked up and saw a charming and pleasant "little lady" smiling sweetly at him, and the hands that were holding the teacup were even trembling ever so slightly.

    He hurried to accept the offered tea and gulped it down quickly. The tea helped to calm him a little and he looked at Jun Wu Xie and the others to say: "It was about half a month ago that I went to the Heaven's End Cliff. A band of my brothers were with me. To be honest, my group of brothers and I earn our daily keep by hunting down Spirit Beasts under the commission of people. The arduous Heaven's End Cliff is a place very well hidden. Although there are many rumours being spread about the Heaven's End Cliff, but the exact location of the place is known to only a rare few. All along, we had never thought much about the Heaven's End Cliff but we were offered a commission to make a trip there and that's why we went to the Heaven's End Cliff."
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