Chapter 554: “Heaven’s End Cliff (1)”

    Chapter 554: "Heaven's End Cliff (1)"

    'Glug..... Glug.....'

    Mu Qian Fan found himself forced to swallow the unidentified elixir under the coercion of several youths.

    Only after the warm water had washed the elixir down his throat did Qiao Chu and the others release Mu Qian Fan.

    Mu Qian Fan almost choked to his death from the water forcefully poured down his throat. He stared helplessly at the bunch of brutal youths and was just about to speak out in protest when he suddenly felt a cooling sensation spread throughout his body. The consuming burning pain that had constantly wrecked at his body was gradually being soothed and it slowly dissipated as the cooling sensation took over him, driving the agonizing pain out of him.

    His eyes widened in great surprise and he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

    "The elixir....."

    "Will only provide relieve." Jun Wu Xie said simply. She was still not able to fully ascertain what kind of poison Mu Qian Fan was afflicted with and it would have to wait till she ran a few tests before she would be able to concoct the proper antidote for it.

    Mu Qian Fan was feeling deeply shocked. He finally understood why Jun Wu Xie wanted a piece of his flesh. The youth before him was intending to cure him of his poison!

    Mu Qian Fan stood up suddenly and bowed deeply before Jun Wu Xie.

    "Your benevolence will be deeply remembered! As long as my worthless life remains, it will be the Young Master's to command!"

    Jun Wu Xie did not reply, but only glanced briefly at Mu Qian Fan.

    Mu Qian Fan was deeply grateful. But Jun Wu Xie and the others just stood up to leave. They had other things they needed to attend to.

    The Black Jade Stone had already been sent back to the inn and after Jun Wu Xie and her companions got back there, they immediately enquired with the innkeeper on where they would be able to locate a smithy. After they acquired the location, Fan Zhuo hired a horse carriage and made his way there. He wanted to extract the Black Silver from the Black Jade Stone as soon as possible. In case he would suddenly feel unwell, Rong Ruo went along with him.

    At that moment in Jun Wu Xie's room, there was only herself, Qiao Chu, Fei Yan and Hua Yao.

    "Regarding what Mu Qian Fan had said, Brother Hua, what are your thoughts?" Fei Yan was sitting at the table, his usual mischievous personality absent as he asked with uncharacteristic sternness.

    Hua Yao replied with a slight frown: "I suspect that the Dark Emperor's tomb lies below the Heaven's End Cliff."

    "Why do you say that?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her interest piqued.

    "We have a map with us, and Little Xie, you know that as well. We managed to lay our hands on it from the Qing Yun Clan and over this period, while we were in the Zephyr Academy's branch division, we had been investigating into the location of the second piece of the map and also studying the map we have. Fei Yan has dug up every map of the different areas we know of and tried to compare it to the human skin map we have but we have not been able to find any match. If we are to look at the map carefully, the terrain is very flat and there are no hills or mountains reflected upon it. Initially, we had thought that it might be somewhere with wide plains but after hearing what Mu Qian Fan said, I suspect that the location that the map is specifying, is actually the terrain at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff." Hua Yao said, his eyes narrowed.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb was in the Lower Realm and that was known to all of them. Before they had gotten the map, they had made made full preparations. Fei Yan had roamed the lands and made use of his abilities to map out all the areas he had been to. They had wanted to prepare themselves for the day that they would complete the collection of the human skin maps and locate the Dark Emperor's tomb in the shortest time possible.

    But the first piece of the map they had gotten did not match any of the maps that Fei Yan had compiled. They had thought maybe the map they received was not complete enough or maybe the area that the map specified lay in a place they had never been to before.

    But they had never considered that the map they held was a map of the terrain at the bottom of Heaven's End Cliff.

    According to Mu Qian Fan's words, the lands below the Heaven's End Cliff were extremely vast and fully covered in impenetrable fog, making it impossible for him to explore. And the only thing he brought back from the bottom of the cliff had been Black Jade Stone that could only be found in the Middle Realm.
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