Chapter 558: “Heaven’s End Cliff (5)”

    Chapter 558: "Heaven's End Cliff (5)"

    "Go alone, and remember to alter your looks." Jun Wu Xie did not forget to give Hua Yao that last reminder.

    He Chang Le had known all of them in the Chan Lin Auction House the day before. If they were to appear once again in their real identities, many rumours would definitely begin to spread about them.

    To avoid unnecessary trouble, Jun Wu Xie had to remind Hua Yao of that at least.

    "I will." Hua Yao said, rubbing at his face. He was thinking what kind of a look he should assume that would be suitable for the situation.

    After all the preparations were made, Hua Yao transformed himself into a middle aged man and made his way towards the Chan Lin Auction House, where he entrusted all the items to He Chang Le.

    By the time he got back, it was already lunchtime and all the companions gathered in Jun Wu Xie's room as if in tacit understanding and waited for lunch.

    "Brother Hua, all settled?" Qiao Chu asked upon seeing Hua Yao, walking over to him with a big smile on his face.

    Fan Zhuo was greatly surprised though, when he saw the unfamiliar middle aged man and heard Qiao Chu address the man as "Brother Hua".

    Hua Yao did not feel he needed to hide before Fan Zhuo and raised his hand to cover his face slightly. The bones beneath his skin immediately started to change and in a blink, he had changed back into the alluringly handsome young youth once again.

    Fan Zhuo's eyes widened and his lips trembled, as his eyes looked at Hua Yao queerly.

    "Little Zhuo. Calm yourself. Brother Hua's art in altering his looks has always been so easy for him." Fei Yan reassured Fan Zhuo, patting him on the shoulder, with a "this is perfectly normal" expression on his face.

    "Bone Shifters' Tribe....." The three words suddenly tumbled out of Fan Zhuo's mouth.

    At that moment in the room, with the exception of Jun Wu Xie, the expression on all the faces of everyone present changed.

    The Bone Shifters' Tribe had been one of the major races of the Middle Realm. They possessed the ability to control the shape and size of the bones within their bodies. And that name was only known to people from the Middle Realm.

    When they realised that Fan Zhuo knew about the Black Jade Stone and about Black Silver, they were still able to treat it as if Fan Zhuo had heard about them from the people of the Twelve Palaces who were in contact with his father. But he had even shown that he was able to recognise that Hua Yao was from Bone Shifters' Tribe! Bone Shifters were few in numbers now and not widely seen even in the Middle Realm. Although people from the Twelve Palaces knew about the tribe but they would have no good reason to mention it to others here.

    So how did Fan Zhuo know about it?

    All their eyes were fixed onto Fan Zhuo. The surprise in Fan Zhuo's eyes slowly faded and he lowered his head slightly. His pale handsome face was shrouded in shadow and they could not see the expression on his face.

    However, just when everyone was getting anxious, Fan Zhuo suddenly covered his face with his hands, and a series of delirious laughter erupted from his throat.

    "No wonder..... No wonder when I mentioned about the Black Jade Stone and Black Silver, you guys gave such a reaction..... No wonder all of you are so interested in the Heaven's End Cliff..... I should have guessed it earlier....." Fan Zhuo could not stop laughing, his shoulders heaving with his unstoppable bout of laughter.

    Suddenly, Fan Zhuo raised his head. There was no trace of the mirth that had just overtaken him. His clear eyes shone, but a chilling malice now filled them. Those eyes swept across Qiao Chu and each and everyone of them, his lips curled at the corners devilishly.

    "Which of the Twelve Palaces do you guys belong to?"

    Qiao Chu and the others froze in place. Fan Zhuo's words were sending all of them a signal.....

    He knows of the Middle Realm, and he knows of the Twelve Palaces!

    "Little Zhuo, what is happening here....." Seeing the abrupt change on Fan Zhuo's face, Qiao Chu did not know how to react at that moment.

    That softspoken and gentle youth was suddenly able to show such strong malice in his eyes!

    Fan Zhuo stared with those eyes at the expressions on Qiao Chu and the others. Suddenly, his expression changed again and reverted back to his usual gentle and amicable smile.
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