Chapter 564: “An Auction for the Filthy Rich (3)”

    Chapter 564: "An Auction for the Filthy Rich (3)"

    "The elixirs this time are different from those before." Jun Wu Xie said calmly, throwing a whole bucket of cold water on Qiao Chu.

    That time at the gates of the Zephyr Academy had left her with no other choice or she would not have taken out those elixirs that could develop and improve veins and arteries.

    "But, they would still fetch a hefty price wouldn't they? Seven bottles should still at least fetch us a hundred thousand taels at least, wouldn't it?" Qiao Chu asked, scratching his head, feeling a little less sure.

    Jun Wu Xie shot him a glance. "Who told you that I am selling them by the bottle?"

    "Huh?" Qiao Chu was even more confused.

    Hua Yao shook his head helplessly. He could not bear to see Qiao Chu display his stupidity a moment longer.

    "Little Xie gave me seven bottles of elixirs this time and there are five elixirs in each bottle. I have already discussed it with He Chang Le and he has agreed that the elixirs in every bottle would be individually auctioned, with a single pill each time."

    Qiao Chu nodded in confusion and after pondering on it for a long while, he only managed to ask one question.

    "Will we earn a lot of money then?"

    "....." Hua Yao shot Qiao Chu a look of utter contempt, and decided not to waste his breath on the intellectually lacking dumbo.

    Qiao Chu shrank back mortified as he rubbed his nose, suddenly feeling like he needed a drink of water.

    More and more people arrived at the auction house till finally, they could not even shut the doors as people continued to try to squeeze themselves in.

    This unprecedented situation was never seen before and it greatly surprised Jun Wu Xie who sat in the private room on the second level.

    She did not know that elixirs was in such high demand. Although the response had been very overwhelming before the gates of the Zephyr Academy before, but those elixirs she had taken out then had Heaven defying effects that was unheard of in the world. The elixirs she had given to Hua Yao this time, though were rather good as well, but their effects could not compare in the least to those they sold before.

    He Chang Le had only spread the word to the people that the Chan Lin Auction House would have elixirs in their lineup and had not mentioned a word on their effects and it had already incited such an overwhelming response.

    Jun Wu Xie decided that she would have to give her elixirs a little bit more consideration.

    All along, she had only intended for her elixirs to be given to the people of the Lin Palace and the Rui Lin Army and other than that, she did not spend much more time into her elixirs.

    She was not able to return to the Lin Palace at the moment and her dwindling finances was becoming a huge problem to her.

    She did not in the least expect that Qiao Chu and the others, who had been lived half their lives in abject poverty, to suddenly gain riches and prosperity.

    So, if elixirs were really so hugely popular, would this mean that she would be able to profit from it for their expenses?

    Jun Wu Xie decided to observe a little bit more before she made her conclusion.

    They had eagerly waited for the auction to commence and the whole place was fully packed. Many of the people did not have seats and they were lined up against the walls at the side and back.....

    The sight before him made He Chang Le smile endlessly, unable to close his mouth in joy.

    Although the Chan Lin Auction House had always enjoyed a rather good reputation and strong support, they had never put up elixirs in their auctions before as there were no prominent elixir producing clans in their vicinity. The once small tiny town had grown prosperous all due to the Zephyr Academy and a big part of the town visitors were the disciples from the Zephyr Academy itself.

    Just like today, looking through the crowd packed within the auction house, many of them were youths dressed in the uniforms of the Zephyr Academy. They had seemingly gathered here in groups, having arrived early to get themselves the best seats. And from the eager expressions on their faces, one could see the high anticipation they held for today's auction.

    He Chang Le was very excited. Even he had not expected that a bunch of elixirs would draw so many people to the Chan Lin Auction House.

    This was the biggest crowd he had ever seen in the history of the Chan Lin Auction House!

    "Boss, can we begin?" The auctioneer asked one final time for He Chang Le's opinion, as he straightened out his clothes and made sure everything was in order.
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