Chapter 571: “A Killer Youth (3)”

    Chapter 571: "A Killer Youth (3)"

    "Such weaklings! Just too weak!" The youth stepped a foot on the low railing on one side of his  private room said as he shook his head, looking down at the bodies lying around the steps. The scene of all those bodies with their heads all split open made for a truly grisly sight. The auctioneer who had been standing tall and straight on the stage had suddenly lost all the strength in his legs and crashed sitting onto the ground, his whole body trembling as he stared at the unusually vicious and cruel youth above.

    The youth was extremely good looking, but he was no different from a devil!

    He saw the crowd disperse and the place grew quiet. The attractive looking youth sneered with contempt and suddenly, his eyes fell onto the private room opposite his and his gaze caught onto Jun Wu Xie's.

    Blood was still streaked on the youth's attractive face. When his eyes met those of Jun Wu Xie's, he froze a moment.

    In the clear and cold eyes, he did not see a trace of fear, nor was there any panic, but just a calm and placid chill.

    The lips on the attractive youth curled up slightly, and mouthed his words silently saying:

    'Stare at me more and I will kill you.'

    Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow.

    The attractive youth seemed to find it interesting and he leaned his body forward, seemingly as though he was about to leap over to them.

    Qiao Chu and the others immediately moved to stand before Jun Wu Xie. The murderous aura the attractive youth gave out made all the companions raise their guard.

    The interest in the attractive youth's eyes suddenly grew more intense, and he was just about to lunge when the other three men who had been sitting silently in their private room without saying a single word, suddenly stood up. One of the men reached his hand out and held back the attractive youth by his shoulder, which was almost trembling with eagerness.

    "Gu Ying, enough." The man said coldly.

    The smile on the attractive youth's face turned into an expression of impatience and he was silent a moment before he took a step back. But his eyes did not leave Jun Wu Xie a moment and he mouthed out words silently once more to say:

    'You have beautiful eyes. I wish to dig them out.'

    Qiao Chu and his companions who were standing between them could read the attractive youth's lips and their faces contorted with murderous rage.

    Nevertheless, the youth was completely not interested in Qiao Chu and the others. He turned at looked at the helplessly terrified auctioneer still sitting on the stage and said: "Hey! Send the items over. Now."

    Upon finishing his sentence, he flicked his hand and threw out a bunch of banknotes. The notes scattered down from the second floor and fluttered to the ground, getting stained red by the fresh red blood pooled across the floor.

    The terrified auctioneer did not dare to hesitate another moment and hurriedly instructed the servants to send the Hibernation Elixirs up to the youth.

    After receiving the Hibernation Elixirs, the youth strode slowly with the other three men as they proceeded to leave the auction house. Before he stepped out, he turned and gave Jun Wu Xie another malicious gaze, his mouth twisted in an evil smile.

    "Damn him! Just who was that kid!?" Qiao Chu asked furiously after the youth had left.

    If Jun Wu Xie had not secretly signalled for all of them to refrain from making any rash moves, all of the others would have charged over and destroyed that insufferable and condescending scumbag earlier.

    "He's from the Middle Realm." Fan Zhuo said with a frown.

    "What!?" Qiao Chu exclaimed in disbelief, his eyes wide.

    Fan Zhuo's eyes were narrowed, as he delved deep in thought.

    "Didn't you guys notice it earlier? When that youth was about to lunge earlier, he had emanated slight traces of purple spiritual power. I do not remember that there is anyone in the Lower Realm who was able to breakthrough to the purple spirit level in their teens."

    Fan Zhuo's reminder suddenly made all of them realise the small detail that they all had overlooked earlier.

    "People from the Middle Realm..... Why did they appear here?" Hua Yao's brow was deeply furrowed.

    "People in the Middle Realm, are all purple spirits?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

    She had noticed something queer about the youth earlier and what she had felt for him was a feeling similar to what Qiao Chu and the others gave her.
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