Chapter 575: “Murder of a Fellow Disciple (3)”

    Chapter 575: "Murder of a Fellow Disciple (3)"

    But as of today, in the whole Kingdom of Qi, who would still say a single disparaging word about her?

    The Young Miss that everyone once spat at for being overbearingly arrogant, was now the most revered and respected lady Confucius throughout the whole Qi Kingdom.

    Retaliation, it did not matter how long it took, but to see if one could take down the enemy in one single shot.

    Fan Jin opened his mouth, but could not utter a single word.

    Fan Zhuo instead poured Fan Jin and Jun Wu Xie some tea while laughing and said gently with a smile on his lips: "Hasn't my elder brother learnt to believe in Little Xie's capabilities by now? He is not making a move now as he wants the matter to blow up further. And we will wait till the real culprit behind the scenes is revealed, before we deal the killing blow. Wouldn't that be more satisfying?"

    Fan Jin smiled bitterly, and shook his head.

    "It might be more satisfying. But when the rumours are being spread so widely, more and more of them will believe it them, and those disciples will....."

    Fan Zhuo smiled gently and reassured his brother: "Don't worry. When Little Xie makes his move, the whole situation will be completely overturned."

    Fan Jin sighed, feeling very helpless. With Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo being so calm about it, his anxiety and worries were somehow placated.

    "Did we receive any news from the Rui Lin Army?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

    Fan Jin was surprised and took a moment before he replied.

    "I heard, that they will arrive in another five days." Fan Jin said rubbing his temples as he was not sure if Long Qi would be satisfied with the way Zephyr Academy had handled the matter.

    The corners of Jun Wu Xie's lips curled up slightly, and Fan Zhuo was surprised when he saw that slight smile on Jun Xie's face.

    No doubt that face possessed rather delicate features and it belonged to a young youth. So why had that slightest of smiles suddenly made him feel as if it was getting hard to breathe?

    "Five days. That will be enough." Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes and looked at her own reflection in her teacup, and her eyes suddenly flashed with determination to succeed.

    Fan Jin stayed a while longer before he left. And when he left, his face had still been deeply etched with worry.

    Fan Zhuo stared after the departing figure of his anxious and worried brother and he could not help but smile.

    "This brother of mine, has a rather innocent mentality. I believe Little Xie already has some idea who is the real culprit behind all this subterfuge." As he spoke, he rested his head on an upturned palm, his softly handsome face smiling gently as he stared knowingly at Jun Xie's tiny face.

    Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow.

    "Besides the idiot who is asking for death, who else could it be?"

    To be able to stir up so many disciples within such a short period of time in the Zephyr Academy, and to be able to spread those malicious rumours so quickly, no one else was able to achieve those feats besides who she had in mind.

    "She had initially picked on me before to use me against Fan Jin, but I can see now, that she has switched the target of her attacks to me instead." Jun Wu Xie said with a cold laugh as she swirled the white jade teacup in her hand. The tea rippled within the cup and a slight fragrance emanated from the cup.

    Having failed at trying to win her favour and got rudely snubbed but she had still refused to give up. Should she be commended on her bravery or was she just unbelievably dense? She had been forced into a corner and had come up with such a clumsy retaliation.

    "Haha, I think she is feeling cornered or she would never do something like this. She must be waiting for you to get overwhelmed when you get surrounded by enemies on all sides with no one to go to for help before she can appear before you to extend her hand to help pull you out of the quandary?" Fan Zhuo's smile grew wider on his face, as if amused by his on ponderings and laughed out loud.

    Ning Xin's clumsy methods would only be able to pull wool over his naive elder brother's eyes. When employed before Jun Wu Xie, it was mere child's play and did not qualify to be deemed as a plot at all. Giving it the slightest thought and everything became clear as day to her.

    "I would really like to see, how she would come asking to be humiliated." Jun Wu Xie replied, her eyes suddenly flashed with a chilling glint.
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