Chapter 582: “Slight Longing”

    Chapter 582: "Slight Longing"

    When they returned, Fan Jin had not wanted all those dirty dealings to pollute his little brother's ears and had not mentioned a word about it.

    In regards to Jun Wu Xie's true identity, besides Qiao Chu and his gang, Fan Jin was the only other person who knew, throughout the whole Zephyr Academy.

    The Young Miss of the most ferocious strike force! The daughter of the Lin Palace's Jun Family!

    About the incident that Ning Xin had attempted to get the men from the Rui Lin Army killed in the Battle Spirits Forest, Fan Zhuo did not have the slightest clue.

    "It's linked." Jun Wu Xie said as she nodded slightly.

    Fan Zhuo firmly believed, that the three words "Rui Lin Army", held extraordinary meaning for Jun Xie.

    "Rui Lin Army..... I have heard of them before. Is it an army from the Qi Kingdom?" Fan Zhuo was suddenly very curious about the Rui Lin Army.

    "Yes..... Yes....." Fan Jin replied in a stutter, looking nervously at Fan Zhuo. He did not really want Fan Zhuo to become involved in such matters. He wanted Fan Zhuo to be able to recuperate in peace and get well. He should not hear about all these insidious ploys and crafty schemes and he did not need to know about them.

    It was only recently that Fan Zhuo's health had shown some improvements and Fan Jin did not want anything untoward to happen.

    Being the intelligent people that they were, when Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo saw Fan Jin's uncomfortable expression, the two of them immediately ceased, and did not mention another word about the Rui Lin Army.

    It was only after Fan Jin left, that the gentleness in Fan Zhuo's smile disappeared, and was quickly replaced by an inquisitive one.

    "Shouldn't you be telling me what actually happened in the Battle Spirits Forest already? The Rui Lin Army must have some links to you right?" Fan Zhuo asked Jun Xie, his curiosity piqued.

    Jun Wu Xie gazed at Fan Zhuo, and she started to frown.

    There wasn't too much to tell, but it wasn't that little either, as the explanation would implicate many other things. If she was to explain it.....

    Jun Wu Xie felt that it might require quite a bit of effort.

    "Another day. Go ask Qiao Chu about it." Jun Wu Xie nonchalantly threw the burden of giving such a long string of explanations to Qiao Chu. That trait of Jun Wu Xie, made Fan Zhuo feel like crying at that moment.

    "You must really..... loathe to speak a lot." After having spent such a long time with Jun Xie, Fan Zhuo had already gotten a good grasp of Jun Xie's personality. Instead of saying that he is cold and arrogant, it was more like he lacked the skills in socialising with others.

    In their daily chats and usual interactions, Jun Xie would mostly give a reply. But when it called for lengthy rant to explain, she would either zip up and remain silent, or throw the task to someone else.

    Jun Wu Xie wrinkled her nose and got up to leave.

    She did not know why, but an image of an demonically wild, but perfectly handsome face suddenly appeared in her mind.

    That one person who would always appear unpredictably and disappear just as suddenly, who had always somehow forced her to open her mouth to speak, had not been seen for quite a long while.

    In the beginning, Jun Wu Xie spoke even less than she did now, but that person had incorrigibly and adamantly continued to harass her, making her slowly learn to become aware of emotions like displeasure, and to give vent to them. That was how she gradually began to speak a little more, bit by bit.

    After the last parting in the Phoenix Academy, she had not seen him for rather long.

    So many things had happened in the Zephyr Academy and she had not thought of that person much.

    But suddenly out of the blue, an image of that person's face had surfaced in her mind.

    A sudden urge gripped at her heart which made her say:

    "Ye Sha."

    A shadow streaked in through the window, falling into a kneeling position neatly before Jun Wu Xie.

    "Your subordinate awaits the Missy's orders."

    Jun Wu Xie did not raise her head, but her eyes remained staring at her own palm. With a flick of her fingers, silver needles suddenly appeared in her hands.

    Back at the Lin Palace, she had used these very needles to stab into that person's death acuppoint. That time, the person's warm blood had flowed down the length of the needles and collected in her palm. That had been so long ago..... She could not explain it, but suddenly, it seemed as though she could still feel the same warmth on the silver needles that she had felt then.
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