Chapter 585: “Mobbed with Slaps (3)”

    Chapter 585: "Mobbed with Slaps (3)"

    Ning Xin continued with a laugh: "Getting yourself driven out of the Zephyr Academy by Gu Li Sheng will be worse than if you are expelled by the Headmaster himself. The Spirit Healing Technique that Gu Li Sheng possesses has many powers obsessed with it. Once people know that Jun Xie has incurred the wrath of Gu Li Sheng, they will not risk angering Gu Li Sheng and will make life difficult for Jun Xie. Shouldering the burden of being disliked by Gu Li Sheng, Jun Xie's life after leaving the Zephyr Academy would be burdened with severely limited opportunities no matter where she went. If I don't push him that far, how will he stop putting up that cold and arrogant front?"

    She wasn't being vicious, but it was Jun Xie who did not know what was good for himself and snubbed the olive branch that she extended to him. Hence, he must suffer the consequences!

    Yin Yan remained silent when he saw that Jun Xie had already reached the square, and he shrank back and melded himself to hide within the crowd.

    No matter how confident Ning Xin was being, Yin Yan had somehow already developed an innate fear of Jun Xie.

    He would never be able to forget the scene he had witnessed in the Battle Spirits Forest.

    With the appearance of Jun Xie, a heated chatter erupted as all eyes fixed upon the tiny figure. The piercing gazes could almost be felt by even Fan Jin, who was walking beside Jun Wu Xie, like daggers upon his back, making every step he took a laborious task.

    But Jun Wu Xie on the other hand seemed completely unaffected, her face a placid calm, her steps unhurried, as she walked forward under overwhelming number of dagger stares. She seemed to be cut off from the world and was only walking with Fan Jin beside her, alone.

    Jun Xie's calm caused all those who were waiting to see him panic stricken feeling endlessly disappointed.

    Prickly curses and admonishments were thrown at Jun Xie in an endless stream but Jun Xie did not grace any of them with a response, or even give the slightest reaction to the incessant provocations, his eyes remaining focused forward.

    While the clamour of the crowd continued, the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy Fan Qi suddenly appeared at the front of the square. He cut a tall and striking figure, standing before all the disciples of the academy, his attractive face in a benign smile.

    "Having all of you gathered here today, was not my idea, but it is Gu Li Sheng of the Spirit Healer faculty that asked for it. Today, he has some words that he would like to share with all of you here." Fan Qi explained with a smile on his face and stepped back to relinquish the space at the front of the crowd.

    Only the Heavens knew, with the multiple incidents that had plagued the Zephyr Academy in succession, he had been a little lost on how he was to handle it. And now that Gu Li Sheng had volunteered to step forward, Fan Qi was only too glad to hand the issue over to him and spare himself the hassle.

    Gu Li Sheng ambled slowly under all the expectant stares to come stand before the amassed crowd of disciples. He was dressed in a brocade robe of royal blue with a beautiful piece of jade hanging at his hip, looking every inch a gentleman, suave and graceful. But the air around him made people hesitate to approach him, and to maintain a certain distance away from him.

    Gu Li Sheng's appearance caused the crowd to break into another loud clamour after having quietened down with Fan Qi's announcement.

    Although many of them had guessed earlier that Gu Li Sheng had wanted to seek revenge for Li Zi Mu's death and that was the reason he had spared no effort to mobilised everyone in the whole academy. But before seeing Gu Li Sheng appear in person, many others had still been secretly doubtful.

    But now, Gu Li Sheng was standing before all of them in the flesh, and that had strongly reaffirmed all those guesses!

    Many of the disciples subconsciously turned their eyes to look at Jun Xie, and the thoughts that  they were thinking in their minds were obvious without needing anyone to say it out loud.

    However, Jun Xie once again greatly disappointed the disciples of the Zephyr Academy with his reaction. His eyes were still cold and he did not even bother to cast a single glance at any of them and that tiny face which couldn't exactly be thought as too handsome held a chilly expression but showed no other emotion.

    Gu Li Sheng was standing right in front of all the disciples gathered before him as he swept his eyes over all of them before he finally said in a solemn voice: "Quiet."

    Immediately, the whispers and mutterings stopped completely.

    No one dared defy the creator of the Spirit Healing Technique and cause him any displeasure. That would be a fate worse than being thrown out of the Zephyr Academy.
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