Chapter 586: “Mobbed with Slaps (4)”

    Chapter 586: "Mobbed with Slaps (4)"

    Once satisfied that all the disciples had quietened down, Gu Li Sheng's eyes turned deep. He paused another moment in silence and his clear voice rang out: "All this while, the Spirit Healer faculty always had the least number of disciples. This, I believe, is a fact known to all of you. And all of you think being accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty is an exceptional honour where you will learn the Spirit Healing Technique and you will live a life of luxury without worry after that. Is that right?"

    At Gu Li Sheng's question, all the disciples started nodding their head in agreement.

    Gu Li Sheng asked again: "Do all of you feel, being able to become a disciple under Gu Li Sheng is a matter that gives you unparalleled honour?"

    The disciples of the Zephyr Academy did not dare to make a sound and they all could only nod once again.

    "Do all of you think that I, Gu Li Sheng, as the founder of the Spirit Healing Technique, would know the Spirit Healing Technique better than anyone else under the Heavens?" Gu Li Sheng asked of the crowd.

    That was without a doubt! And all of them nodded one more time.

    Gu Li Sheng cast a satisfied gaze over the sea of Zephyr Academy's disciples before him, who were nodding like chicks pecking at grains as they nodded their heads. He then smiled slightly and said: "Very good."

    The audience were baffled by what Gu Li Sheng's line of questions were driving at but they could do nothing but wait patiently.

    "So now, if I am to tell all of you that there exists a person under the Heavens, a person whose knowledge on the Spirit Healing Technique exceeds mine, a person that I, Gu Li Sheng, am unable to teach or instruct, would you believe me?"

    Immediately, the nods turned into shakes of their heads.

    Gu Li Sheng's smile widened.

    "Do all of you know why you were not accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty?"

    They youths in the crowd shook their heads uniformly.

    "It's because all of you do not even understand what the Spirit Healing Technique is, and you all do not even have it in you to even understand it. To be completely honest, even for the current disciples I have in the Spirit Healing faculty now, strictly speaking, none of them qualifies. If my own standards were used to gauge, my Spirit Healing faculty would not have accepted a single disciple that failed to meet my criteria!" Gu Li Sheng's words took a sudden turn, and his tone suddenly became stern!

    "The reason that I accepted them, was not because that they were superior to any of you. It was because, as a teacher of the Zephyr Academy, I needed to accept disciples, or I will not be able to answer to the Headmaster." Gu Li Sheng said, not mincing his words.

    As Gu Li Sheng spoke, Fan Qi, who had retreated to the back, suddenly had his face turn pale, but not in anger or rage, but from embarrassment.

    All of Gu Li Sheng's words greatly surprised the disciples gathered before him, and the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty among them were suddenly trembling from the rude shock that struck upon them when they heard those words.

    All this while, they had thought that they were superior to all the other disciples and that was why they had been accepted into the Spirit Healer faculty. That was why they were given the opportunity to learn the Spirit Healing Technique under Gu Li Sheng's tutelage. However, Gu Li Sheng's words today, had felt like a big hot slap across their faces, in front of everyone else in the academy, shattering and breaking into a crumble, the self perceived sense of elitism that they had been so proud of all this time!

    Gu Li Sheng however, was not going to hold back, and he continued to say: "I had been resigned, that I would never ever find a person suited to learn the Spirit Healing Technique. Till one fine day! I met a youth. His appearance made me realise what the word prodigy meant..... No, to put it more accurately, he could no longer be termed as just a prodigy, but more like a freak! His understanding of the Spirit Healer Technique had even quickly surpassed mine!"

    Once Gu Li Sheng's words fell into the ears of the crowd, the silence in the square was suddenly broken.

    To be able to surpass Gu Li Sheng in the Spirit Healing Technique. That was just utterly unbelievable. Gu Li Sheng had always had a gentle temperament, but he was unbendingly strict when it came to the Spirit Healing Technique. From what he had said about the standards he held in his selection of disciples, it could be seen that he would not compromise when it came to his area of expertise.
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