Chapter 587: “Mobbed with Slaps (5)”

    Chapter 587: "Mobbed with Slaps (5)"

    For someone to have gained recognition from Gu Li Sheng, that person must most definitely be someone who possessed real knowledge on the matter!

    Before this, the favouritism that Gu Li Sheng had shown Li Zi Mu was obvious to everyone to see. Almost everyone there was guessing that the only disciple that he said he recognized was none other than Li Zi Mu!

    Otherwise, why would Gu Li Sheng accept only one lone disciple this year, who was the late Li Zi Mu? Gu Li Sheng had shown him the utmost care and concern and had treated him exceptionally well over the other disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty.

    All the disciples thought that Gu Li Sheng's rage today was all due to Li Zi Mu's death.

    The only disciple that Gu Li Sheng personally acknowledged had died under mysterious circumstances, Gu Li Sheng must be greatly infuriated!

    Hearing the sternness in Gu Li Sheng's voice, all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were suddenly fearful. But they were not afraid as they all knew that the one that had been responsible for Li Zi Mu's death had been Jun Xie and it had nothing to do with them. Gu Li Sheng's rage was all directed at Jun Xie!

    They would just need to be patient and enjoy the show.

    Ning Xin hid within the crowd and smiled secretly to herself, her eyes filled with malice as she stared at Jun Xie from among the sea of disciples.

    But Yin Yan, who was standing next to Ning Xin was feeling that something did not seem right.

    It was a fact that Gu Li Sheng had shown Li Zi Mu favoured treatment, but if anyone was to say that Li Zi Mu's understanding of the Spirit Healing Technique surpassed Gu Li Sheng, he wouldn't be able to make himself believe it in the slightest.

    In the whole time that Li Zi Mu had been in the Spirit Healer faculty, he had not even been able to grasp the most basic of fundamentals. Hence, it was impossible that Li Zi Mu's knowledge of the Spirit Healing Technique would surpass Gu Li Sheng! That would have to be the biggest joke!

    Yin Yan could not help but to feel that something was out of place but no matter how much he thought about it, he could not identify what was wrong.

    "I had always thought that the Zephyr Academy, being one of the top three institutions of learning, its disciples would surely be logical, quicker of mind and possess a high sense of propriety. But I have found that I was wrong." The stern expression on Gu Li Sheng's face suddenly let out a derisory laugh.

    "Today, I would like to introduce someone to all of you here. This person, is the very freakish monster that had far surpassed me with his deep understanding of the Spirit Healing Technique!" Gu Li Sheng was already walking towards the crowd as he spoke.

    All the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were all struck dumb as silence fell in the air filled with surprise.


    What did that mean?

    Isn't Li Zi Mu already dead? Did Gu Li Sheng intend to dig up Li Zi Mu's body? To confer upon Li Zi Mu an official title?

    The disciples all stared flummoxed at Gu Li Sheng as he approached the crowd, and he suddenly turned into another direction when he was just about ten meters away!

    Under the baleful stares of all the other disciples, Gu Li Sheng came to the two lone figures who had been isolated by the rest.

    "Jun Xie, you must have suffered a lot throughout this period." Gu Li Sheng stood right before Jun Xie, his face unreservedly apologetic as the crowd gasped loudly.

    Jun Wu Xie nevertheless shook her head.

    Gu Li Sheng stretched out a big hand, and led Jun Wu Xie to walk back with him, to come stand right before the whole crowd.

    "Jun Xie, is the little monstrous prodigy that I mentioned. The devil youth that had eclipsed me with her unsurpassed understanding of the Spirit Healing Technique!" Gu Li Sheng's chest was puffed up proudly, as he loudly announced the earth shaking news to all the disciples and teachers of the Zephyr Academy gathered before them!

    At that moment, the entire square was hushed into a deathly silence. And in a blink, in the next moment, the whole crowd exploded into a clamour so loud that it almost tore the skies apart!

    "Jun Xie!?"

    "How can it be Jun Xie!?"

    Didn't Gu Li Sheng say it was all a misunderstanding at that time? He said that Jun Xie was not the disciple he picked! What is happening here!?"

    The shocking news sparked off an inferno as Gu Li Sheng's words sank into the crowd. The inferno was spreading at the speed of light reaching all the way to the ends of the sea of disciples.

    Shock, doubt, horror..... Countless complicated emotions flooded the sea of disciples as it dawned upon them what their past actions had done!
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