Chapter 590: “Slapping the Mob (8)”

    Chapter 590: "Slapping the Mob (8)"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Gu Li Sheng stared at the crowd and said: "From now onwards, Jun Xie would be a member of the Spirit Healer faculty. But all of you listen up here! He is not my disciple, I am not qualified to teach or guide him, and neither am I qualified enough to be his Teacher! He will henceforth hold half of the power in the Spirit Healing faculty! Even though he is admitted into the Spirit Healing faculty as a disciple, no one must ever treat Jun Xie like a disciple!"

    As Gu Li Sheng spoke those words, his gaze fell onto the figure of Qian Yuan He among the crowd but quickly moved to sweep over the entire crowd.

    Among all the Teachers in the Zephyr Academy, Qian Yuan He was one who often said he was ashamed of Jun Xie, and had claimed that Jun Xie was not qualified to receive his teachings.

    And Gu Li Sheng's words today, had delivered a slap across his face as well.

    Qian Yuan He was a nobody in the Zephyr Academy.

    He was just an ordinary teacher in the Beast Spirit faculty, and teachers and instructors who excelled over him were a dime a dozen!

    Moreover to the eyes of Gu Li Sheng, who held complete authority in the revered Spirit Healing faculty?

    Compare to Gu Li Sheng, Qian Yuan He was not even good enough to carry his shoes!

    Gu Li Sheng had proclaimed that he himself did not possess the qualification to teach or instruct Jun Xie, that would come to mean that Qian Yuan He was even more unqualified. Qian Yuan He had once accused Jun Xie of not being showing any inclination to learn, had undesirable character traits. All these words were now all thrown back in his face with Gu Li Sheng's words today!

    The insignificant Qian Yuan He holding contempt for Jun Xie? It seems now the joke had been turned on him!

    With just that brief glance from Gu Li Sheng, Qian Yuan He went deathly pale, and his shoulders started to shake. He subconsciously shrank back into the crowd, wishing he could sink deep into the ground at that moment, and never appear before people again.

    From being a despicable cad that everyone cursed and swore at, to suddenly become the genius who had suffered in silence while undertaking such a prodigious task, Jun Xie had successfully reinvented her long ragged tattered image within the Zephyr Academy within just a short hour, and dealt all the disciples and faculty one big slap across all their faces.

    Under the watchful eyes of everyone in the whole academy, Gu Li Sheng led Jun Xie away. Jun Xie had no said a single word throughout but just watched on quietly at the side as every single nosy parker got their well deserved slaps.

    After Gu Li Sheng and Jun Xie had left, the entire exploded into a deafening chatter of voices. Everyone started talking about today's shocking revelations and those that had previously cursed Jun Xie the most quickly ran away, their tails between their legs, afraid that they might be skinned alive by the suddenly unruly mob.

    If Jun Xie was useless trash, what would they be?

    Worse than trash.....

    Today, everyone in the Zephyr Academy, from the top to the bottom, had been collectively slapped. All the disciples, and even the teachers, were all looking at each other guiltily. The red and hot burning sensation on their faces made they feel as if they had really been physically slapped.

    Under the ruckus in the square, the deeply ashamed disciples and the members of the faculty did not want to remain there a moment longer. Every moment they stayed there made their faces burn hotter and they quickly decided to beat a hasty retreat. But the realisation that came with today's events was deeply etched onto their hearts.

    The crowd in the square quickly dispersed, but Ning Xin had remained in her spot, completely frozen in place.

    "How can it be..... Impossible..... How could Jun Xie be the disciple that Gu Li Sheng had picked....." Ning Xin's eyes were impossibly wide, and she had still not recovered from the shock. No one would be able to comprehend how hard the shock had hit her when she had heard all those words earlier!

    Her mind was filled with an endless and incessant buzzing. The plans she had schemed up so confidently all this while had suddenly crumbled to dust, falling apart all around her.

    Gu Li Sheng had wanted to avenge Li Zi Mu!?

    That now sounded so ridiculous and the joke had most definitely fallen onto her.

    Throughout his speech, Gu Li Sheng had not even bothered to mention Li Zi Mu's name and only termed him as a freshman. It was obvious, that Gu Li Sheng was privy to all of Li Zi Mu's undesirable actions. The contempt he held for Li Zi Mu, could very well have exceeded everyone else's!
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