Chapter 603: “Seventh Slap (10)”

    Chapter 603: "Seventh Slap (10)"

    Fan Jin clenched his jaw tightly as he looked at Fan Qi, and slowly lowered his head quietly without saying a word.

    His solemn silence, spoke loudly to Fan Qi as an affirmation to his query!

    A thunderbolt struck Fan Qi's mind at that moment, and his body swayed alarmingly. Fan Jin rushed up to hold his father.

    "My Little Xin..... Why did you do that..... Why....." Fan Qi felt like his heart was going to break as he looked at Ning Xin, and his eyes grew red rimmed.

    Ning Xin's eyes were wide with terror. She had not expected things to turn out this way. She never would have thought that Yin Yan, who had always obeyed her every order would suddenly turn around and bite her at such a critical time, and had even revealed all her other treacherous schemes from before.

    Things have come to such a stage that even if Jun Wu Xie were to spare her, Fan Qi would not allow her to remain here. Moreover, all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were now looking at her with utter contempt and disgust in their eyes.....

    It's over.....

    All over.....

    Everything that she had pursued all this time, had come to an end at this very moment.

    Feeling her whole world crumbling to dust, she turned discreetly to look at Ning Rui.

    And what she saw in Ning Rui's eyes, drove her further into despair.


    Had decided to abandon her!

    That's right. She no longer had any way out. The moment that Yin Yan had revealed everything, it had killed all her chances of being able to get out of this alive.

    Take the first step wrong, and all subsequents steps go awry.....

    If she had not made use of Jun Xie to bring discredit to Fan Jin, they would not have been so detested. Then, Fan Jin's team during the Spirit Hunt would not have suffered from failing to recruit disciples to join them as members and they would not have joined up with the purple spirits hidden in the branch division.

    Finally, they wouldn't have stumbled into the scene when she had tried to get the Rui Lin Army soldiers killed.

    If their team had not appeared, the Rui Lin Army soldiers would have definitely have succumbed to the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast's assault. And that day's events would forever remain unknown, and she would have remained being the Senior Ning that all the other disciples worshipped and respected.....

    Ning Xin had given up on struggling, as she smiled bitterly at her total and complete defeat.

    "Since things have come to such a stage, will our two headmasters have anything else to say?" Jun Wu Xie raised her head to ask of Ning Rui and Fan Qi.

    Fan Qi only closed his eyes and did not have much to say. His was still feeling extremely hurt by Ning Xin's betrayal.

    Ning Rui's face was dark. He suddenly took a step forward with his hand highly raised, and slapped Ning Xin hard across her face!

    "Blasphemy! To think that you would do something so perverse, inhuman, disloyal, and unfilial! I, Ning Rui, no longer has such a despicable and completely shameless daughter!"

    Ning Rui's slap had really put in a considerable amount of strength into that slap. The corner of Ning Xin's mouth had split and a bright red trail of blood was flowing down to her chin. A glaringly raw and red palm print was highly visible on Ning Xin's face, and that slap had also smashed any last hope that she had held.

    "Miss Jun. I, Ning Rui, have not brought my daughter up well, and it had allowed her to stir up such a terrible disaster to befall on your men. From today onwards, Ning Xin will no longer be Ning Rui's daughter, and Miss Jun can deal with her as you deem fit!" Ning Rui walked over to come stand before Jun Wu Xie, and declared solemnly.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly as she observed Ning Rui's actions, and chilling contempt flashed in her eyes.

    That was a valiant attempt at trying to gain ground by retreating!

    If she had been anyone else, and was made to witness Ning Rui's attitude, coupled with seeing the suffering Ning Xin so badly hurt, that person might just soften and decide to just sternly admonish Ning Xin and let her go with a slap on the wrist.


    Jun Wu Xie had never liked to make her moves according to conventional norms.

    "Since the Vice Headmaster has given his word, I shall repay your grace by complying with what you said." The corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth turned up once again, in an wicked arc.

    "Long Qi!"


    "Arrest Ning Xin and deal with her under martial law!" Jun Wu Xie ordered, and with a flick of her tiny hand, she threw Ning Xin, who was already scared witless, to Long Qi.

    Long Qi quickly grabbed Ning Xin by the shoulder and answered firmly: "It will be done!"

    Ning Rui's heart sank as he heard Jun Wu Xie's words. He had intended to take another attempt to save Ning Xin, but he had not expected that Jun Wu Xie would give such an unusual response.
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