Chapter 633: “Coming to Chan Lin Town Again (3)”

    Chapter 633: "Coming to Chan Lin Town Again (3)"

    The small flame caught and quickly burned into a raging inferno. In moments, the dilapidated and tattered house was engulfed in roaring flames.

    Mu Qian Fan stared with his eyes wide in utter disbelief, looking in shock at his only abode of sanctuary gradually being destroyed, burning up in flames.

    "Young Master Jun! What are you doing?" Mu Qian Fan turned to look anxiously at Jun Wu Xie, his voice agitated but there was no reproach behind it.

    Jun Wu Xie had saved his life and he had already deemed his own life to be Jun Wu Xie's to take. He would be most willing to even give up his life for Jun Wu Xie, so he was not disgruntled that Jun Wu Xie had burnt down his house, but just puzzled why Jun Wu Xie would want to do that.

    How had his tiny tattered house offended Young Master Jun?

    Not just Mu Qian Fan was baffled. Even Qiao Chu and the others were shocked to see the house suddenly go up in flames.

    Why had Little Xie with just a single statement suddenly burnt down somebody's home?

    But none of them dared say a single word in reproach of Jun Wu Xie and all of them could only look at Mu Qian Fan, their hearts filled with silent grief for his loss. None of them knew how Mu Qian Fan's house had earned the wrath of the Young Miss of the Jun Family that had made her set a torch on it.

    Jun Wu Xie stared quietly at the flames razing the little house completely to the ground. Only after she was satisfied that the dwelling had been completely destroyed, did Jun Wu Xie finally turn around.

    Mu Qian Fan was still grieving over the loss of his only humble abode when he suddenly saw the shadow of something being thrown into his arms. He reached out instinctively to hold it up and found that it was actually a hefty money bag. On the mouth of the bag, a silver emblem was tied onto it, a motif of a mystical kirin soaring among clouds carved out of it!

    Mu Qian Fan lifted his head up in bafflement, staring at Jun Wu Xie with astonished eyes.

    "After this, go to the Imperial City of the Qi Kingdom, and present yourself at the Lin Palace." Jun Wu Xie said simply, without any expression.

    "Qi Kingdom..... Lin Palace?" Mu Qian Fan was shocked. Although he had only resided in Chan Lin Town all his life, but making their living as adventurers had enabled him and his brothers in arms the opportunities to meet people from many other countries and the various powers.

    They had naturally heard of the Qi Kingdom's Lin Palace. Although the Qi Kingdom was a small nation, but no one dared look down upon the Qi Kingdom's Lin Palace, as the Master of the Lin Palace, Jun Xian, commanded the most ferocious strike force across the lands, the Rui Lin Army!

    The name of the Rui Lin Army thundered far and wide and although Mu Qian Fan had heard of them, he had always begrudged the fact that he had not had the fortune to meet them.

    [But Young Master Jun was now asking him to report to the Lin Palace.....]

    [What does that mean?]

    At the side, it finally dawned upon Qiao Chu what was actually happening and he immediately broke into a wide smile and patted Mu Qian Fan reassuringly on the shoulder and said: "My man, you've run into luck this time! Do you like the Rui Lin Army?"

    Mu Qian Fan was still largely overwhelmed and upon hearing Qiao Chu's words, he could only nod blankly.

    [The notorious most ferocious strike force, which man does not revere them?]

    "Listen to our Little Xie. After we are all done with our tasks here, you just bring this bag of money, together with that emblem and go to the Qi Kingdom's Imperial City, and find the Lin Palace. I guarantee it that you will not regret it." Qiao Chu said, laughing good naturedly, and even throwing Jun Wu Xie a wink as he said those words.

    He had initially wondered what had happened to their little lass, and now it seems that she had felt exactly just like they had, unwilling to see such an upright and righteous man like Mu Qian Fan, being confined to such a tiny and dilapidated house and living in such compromised state. She had decidedly just burned down his abode, to force Mu Qian Fan to have no other choice but to move accordingly to Jun Wu Xie's arrangements.


    Couldn't the little lass be a tad bit more gentle in her methods? She was obviously doing a good deed, but they way it was carried out was through methods employed more by nefarious bandits!
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