Chapter 635: “Coming to Chan Lin Town Again (5)”

    Chapter 635: "Coming to Chan Lin Town Again (5)"

    After Mu Qian Fan had sufficiently composed himself, Jun Wu Xie spoke to him about going to the Heaven's End Cliff.

    Upon hearing that, Mu Qian Fan was greatly shocked!

    "That must not happen! Young Master Jun, it is not that I am unwilling to lead you there, but the Heaven's End Cliff is really just too terrifying and not many people are able to survive in there. The place is filled with endless traps and terrifying poisons, the slightest misstep and you will not come out alive. I plead for my Young Master Jun to reconsider it!" Mu Qian Fan persuaded in a hurry.

    "We must go there. You need only lead the way." Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly.

    Mu Qian Fan gritted his teeth and tried to persuade further, but he was unable to make Jun Wu Xie change her mind in the slightest. Left with no other choice, he continued to say: "If Young Master Jun is going to the Heaven's End Cliff, then I must insist to go with you, or your humble servant will never agree to lead the way to the Heaven's End Cliff! At least I have been there once before and I am a little more familiar with the place."

    Mu Qian Fan was highly determined. He was fully prepared that if they were to come across any dangers, he will risk everything, including his own life, to protect the safety of his Young Master Jun.

    Jun Wu Xie did not reject Mu Qian Fan's request.

    Mu Qian Fan began speaking to them in detail on the exact location of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    From Chan Lin Town to the Heaven's End Cliff, it would need at least a journey of two weeks and that would allow just enough time for Mu Qian Fan's injuries to heal.

    Once Mu Qian Fan was certain that Jun Wu Xie and her companions were going to the Heaven's End Cliff, he immediately started preparing all the things they would need for the expedition. Having gone there once before, he was more aware of what kind of things they would need at the Heaven's End Cliff.

    The temperature below the Heaven's End Cliff fell to extremely low levels and if they were not equipped with warmer clothings, it would not be long before all their limbs would turn cold and stiff. Moreover, the foggy mist that completely engulfed the bottom of the cliff turned the low temperature there into a wet and clammy chill, which would quickly penetrate and dampen their clothes, making the freezing temperatures there become an even more unbearable torment.

    Planning for a trip over the Heaven's End Cliff, the least they had to prepare for was suitable clothing to keep them warm and protect them against the high humidity.

    Although they had quite a number of clothing shops within Chan Lin Town itself, all the shops were targeted mainly at the disciples of the Zephyr Academy, hence no matter whether it was the materials used and in terms of designs, they were plentiful and well made, but all the pieces called for hefty prices.

    Mu Qian Fan could think of many things that would be useful to them at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, but buying all those things would cost a lot of money, and it was not what a penniless adventurer like him could afford. If he had all this money before, all his brothers in arms might not have perished.

    Seeing that they needed money, Jun Wu Xie immediately sent Hua Yao to the Chan Lin Auction House to receive the money from the sale of the Spirit Stones they had left there the last time, and to hand them the batches of elixirs she had cultivated recently to be put up for auction.

    When He Chang Le saw Hua Yao, his eyes lit up as if seeing the God of Prosperity himself and had he almost knelt before Hua Yao in welcome. Throughout the whole process, Hua Yao did not even need to speak much while He Chang Le made all the necessary arrangements for him. In order to keep this "big client" with them, He Chang Le proclaimed that anything that Hua Yao leaves with them to be put up for auctions in the future, the Chan Lin Auction House would not take a single copper in commission, auctioning off the items for them completely free of charge. The Chan Lin Auction House was not afraid to absorb the loss as the capacity crowds that the elixirs pulled in would more than make up for everything. As long as people come to the Chan Lin Auction House, based on their auction house's auctioneers' exemplary gift of the gab, they would be able to gain so much more for their other items put forth in their auctions.

    When Hua Yao got back to the inn and slapped a thick stash of banknotes onto the table, Qiao Chu's eyes were glued on the stash and his drool was almost reaching the floor.

    "Dumb Qiao, you go gather up the things needed together with Mu Qian Fan." Jun Wu Xie snatched up a bunch of banknotes, and without even looking at the denominations stated on them, she shoved them in Qiao Chu's hands, almost driving the highly agitated Qiao Chu to delirium.
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