Chapter 642: “Spirit Reinforcement (4)”

    Chapter 642: "Spirit Reinforcement (4)"

    "Painful?" Jun Wu Xie asked, plainly serious as she held the little black cat up.

    The little black cat raised a paw to wipe away the tears at the corners of its eyes and paused a moment before it slowly shook its head.

    ["Strangely, I did not feel any pain."]

    [But it was a rather rude shock!]

    [Who wouldn't run around as if they had gone mad when they suddenly find themselves suddenly engulfed in flames! ?]

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and thought about what she had just noticed. She had seen the flames on the little black cat clearly earlier. Although the little black cat was a spirit body, after it coalesced and took its current form, it would still feel pain when hurt by external forces. The flames just now had completely engulfed it and had seemed like it was going to burn the little black cat into crisp, but the little black cat had not felt the slightest ounce of pain nor was it hurt in anyway from it.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes traced back the path the little black cat had taken. The black burnt marks from the roaring flames were still clearly visible on the floor, and even a corner of the drapes had been completely burnt off. All these told her that the flames had been real and was not an illusion.

    But why did not little black cat not feel the heat in the slightest?

    Jun Wu Xie was still a little puzzled, but when her eyes swept over the area of the table where the cat had been before it jumped off, her eyes suddenly lit up.

    "Before you caught fire earlier, did you step on anything?" Jun Wu Xie asked the little black cat in a serious tone.

    The little black cat shook its head.

    Jun Wu Xie pointed at the scribbles of the runes she had made with her fingers dipped in her tea, still wet on the table and asked: "Stepped on these?"

    The little black cat paused a moment, and subconsciously raised a front paw, turning it around to peer at it closely with its eyes.

    ["Maybe..... I might have..... stepped on that....."]

    It seemed to vaguely remember..... before the flames had suddenly engulfed it, it had felt a slightly wet sensation under its paw.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes sparkled, and before the little black cat could react, she was already carrying the little black cat to go to the table. Eyeing the still wet runes on the table, she pressed one of the little black cat's hind paw onto it!

    All of a sudden, a strong wind kicked up!

    The little black cat in Jun Wu Xie's hands suddenly found itself caught within an invisible wind, torn right out from Jun Wu Xie's grasp.

    "MEOOOOW!!!" Caught up in an invisible wind and thrown up in the air, the little black cat tail bristled fully!

    It could feel four separate forces swirling around its four limbs. The unfamiliar forces made the little black cat feel like it was riding upon the winds and it was finding it extremely difficult to get used to stepping on nothing but insubstantial air.

    The little black cat was suspended in midair and it was turning and rolling in all directions as its long furry tail drew circles in the air.

    Suddenly, the strange forces disappeared, and caught completely unawares, the little black cat fell from its elevated position with a screech. Fortunately Jun Wu Xie was fully prepared for it and she reached out her arms to catch the poor feline in her arms.

    The consecutive bouts of traumatic experiences left the poor little black cat giddy and confused. Its mind was still spinning as it lay in Jun Wu Xie's arms.

    "So this is one way it can be used." Jun Wu Xie's misgivings in her eyes cleared at that moment as an almost unnoticeable smile spread across her lips.

    ["Hwhat..... di..... you..... tsay......"] The little black cat shook its head to clear its confused mind, its tongue all tangled up.

    Jun Wu Xie put the cat down carefully on the table and turned around to walk over to the bed to pick up the happily sound asleep Lord Meh Meh into her arms. She then dipped a finger into the tea once again and quickly scribbled a series of runes on the table. She held out one of Lord Meh Meh paws in her hand and pressed it down upon the wet runes she had just written!

    "Meh~" The sleepy Lord Meh Meh bleated and wiggled its short stubby tail, oblivious to what was really going on, before falling back into sleep.

    "It looks like these runes only work on spirit bodies." Jun Wu Xie laid Lord Meh Meh back onto the bed, and walked back to the table to sit down in contemplation, as she saw Lord Meh Meh continue to snore away.
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