Chapter 651: Nobody Messes With My Patient (3)

    Chapter 651: Nobody Messes With My Patient (3)

    The men ran heedlessly as if gone completely mad. Jun Wu Xie was in no hurry to pursue them. She first made Lord Meh Meh set her down before she waved her hand carelessly asking Lord Meh Meh to go after the men in pursuit.

    "I want them alive." Jun Wu Xie reminded Lord Meh Meh chillingly.

    Lord Meh Meh immediately gave a earth shattering roar and sped off in a white flash!

    Jun Wu Xie came to stand beside the black beast. Her eyes narrowed as she looked at the unconscious Mu Qian Fan on the black beast's back. She reached out her hand and felt for his pulse. After determining he was still alive, she immediately opened her Cosmos Sack and took out a few bottles of her elixirs. Jun Wu Xie lifted Mu Qian Fan's drooping head and pushed an elixir into his mouth.

    Jun Wu Xie treated Mu Qian Fan's wounds without a word. The earlier clamour disappeared and silence pervaded. The black beast lay upon the grass unmoving. Although it was a spirit body, after taking on a physical form, it would possess a body temperature. On a night as cold and chilly as this, if they were to put Mu Qian Fan who had lost so much blood on the cold and frosty ground, hypothermia might quickly kill him.

    The tranquility here greatly contrasted the panic that was taking hold on the other side of the woods. Those men made a mad scramble and ran for their lives, but their legs were no match for Lord Meh Meh's incredible speed.

    Very shortly, Lord Meh Meh had already caught up to them. With their senses overtaken by the overwhelming fear, the crazed men screamed for their ring spirits to attack Lord Meh Meh. However, Lord Meh Meh just swung several of his tails indifferently and he quickly sent the weak and miniscule ring spirits flying.

    The Beast Spirits went flying through the air but Lord Meh Meh was not about to let them off so easily. His huge tails were suddenly wrapped around all of the beast spirits and they were raised high up before they were heavily smashed onto the ground!

    Pitiful wails and whines sounded in the thrashed up woods. Although spirit bodies do not bleed, but they would nevertheless still feel pain.

    In a blink, those beast spirits were already tormented by Lord Meh Meh until they were teetering on the verge of death and they were not even able to moan in agony anymore.

    When the men saw their ring spirits so effortlessly taken out, they ran away screaming in all directions.

    Lord Meh Meh did not rush. It curled one of its tails around all the severely weakened beast spirits and then raised itself to its full height. From its high vantage point, it searched for the running figures through the thick foliage.

    The night's silence was broken by occasional screams and wails. Their voices were filled with despair and fear but there was no one else around to hear them!

    After Jun Wu Xie finished treating Mu Qian Fan's wounds, the black beast was at its limit and it could not maintain its form anymore as it morphed into the tiny little black cat, quickly curling up in exhaustion on the ground, without moving an inch.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and used the Spirit Healing Technique to slowly treat the little black cat's injuries.

    The ground beneath their feet trembled and Jun Wu Xie looked up. Lord Meh Meh was returning and its tails behind it were curled around the escapees and their ring spirits, so badly weakened they had turned sort of translucent.

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed and Lord Meh Meh quickly stretched eight of his tails forward to come before Jun Wu Xie and released their grip. Ten pale and ashen faced men fell together clumsily onto the ground.

    "Don't..... Don't kill us....." The leader of the band of men was gripped in paralysing terror as he sat on the ground. He looked at Jun Wu Xie with horror filled eyes, his face completely drained of colour.

    The other men from the group besides their leader were now just trembling helplessly as they knelt on their knees, not daring to move from their spots.

    "Why did you want to kill him?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her gaze cold as she stared at the man.
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