Chapter 655: “Paying the Price (2)”

    Chapter 655: "Paying the Price (2)"

    That little black cat.....

    is actually..... capable of devouring ring spirits!

    How is that possible!?

    Something so shocking and completely unheard of was happening right before their eyes! Not even in their worst nightmares would they ever dream that such a horrifying thing could happen!

    They watched their companion writhing in agony upon the ground, and watched as his ring spirit was being slowly devoured. Their strength seeped completely out from their legs and they began to shake uncontrollably.

    The appearance of the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast had already driven them into utter despair and the youth's merciless actions coupled with the little black cat's strange abilities almost drove them into madness. They prayed fervently to the Heavens in their hearts, that they would not share the same fate.

    Having their ring spirits torn forcibly from them, just thinking about it sent chills up their spine!

    After devouring the weapon spirit, the little black cat was still not satisfied and it squinted its eyes as it stared at the several ring spirits gripped in Lord Meh Meh's tail before smacking its tongue against its lips.

    "You can still go on?" Jun Wu Xie noticed the little black cat's gaze before she asked calmly.


    [Even if I stuff myself to death, I will swallow the whole bunch of scoundrels!]

    [Didn't they enjoy chasing me down so much earlier? The wheels of fortune has reversed and now it's revenge!]

    Jun Wu Xie nodded, indicating to Lord Meh Meh to release one more beast spirit.

    The beast ring spirit had already been severely thrashed up by Lord Meh Meh and was very weak. When Lord Meh Meh threw it onto the ground, it lay there motionless, in an unmoving heap, not showing even a single bit of the previous ferocity it had displayed when it pursued the black beast and Mu Qian Fan earlier.

    The little black cat jumped down from Jun Wu Xie's shoulder and morphed into the massive black beast. It strode slowly over to stand neediest the beast spirit and lowered its head with its jaws wide open, before it took one big bite out of the beast spirit as if in vent!

    A loud scream erupted together with the snap of the black beast's jaws from the group of men huddled together!

    The beast spirit's contracted human owner grasped and clutched at the clothes at his chest, suddenly toppling over onto the ground, his legs kicking out in agony.

    Jun Wu Xie watched him with a cold gaze, and there wasn't an ounce of pity in those eyes.

    If she had come just a moment later, the one who would have ended up dead now would be Mu Qian Fan!

    After the little black cat devoured another two beast spirits, it couldn't swallow another bite. It walked back fully satisfied to stand behind Jun Wu Xie, indicating it had had its fill.

    "Kill them." Jun Wu Xie ordered in a chilling tone as the terrified men stared at her in disbelief.

    Whoever dared to mess with her patient, must be prepared to pay the price!

    With the threat of death looming heavily over them, the men managed to summon up enough strength to scramble and crawl, futile screams of despair escaping from their throats, despite knowing deep in their hearts, their feeble attempt to escape certain death would eventually prove fruitless!

    Several of Lord Meh Meh's huge tails flicked down, as if swatting at flies, smashing onto the "insects" scrambling in all directions crushing them into the ground. It wasn't so "gentle" this time round, having received Jun Wu Xie's order to squash them, Lord Meh Meh did not hold back its strength.

    'Squelch Squelch Squelch '

    Sounds of squishy smacks resounded in the woods. The men were all smashed into the ground by Lord Meh Meh and all their bones were completely crushed. Under the crushing force, their bodies were all mashed up, reduced into unidentifiable red splatters scattered across the ground, making good fertiliser for that patch of the woods.

    "Meh?" Lord Meh Meh looked at the several patches of deep red blood stains on the ground before turning to Jun Wu Xie and gave out a short bleat, as if asking for Jun Wu Xie's approval.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Lord Meh Meh heaved a sigh of relief and it turned back into its tiny fluffy form of a wooly sheep, happily prancing to come beside Jun Wu Xie and its hooves tapped a circle around her, shamelessly asking for praise.

    However, Jun Wu Xie stretched out her hand and shook the blood covered map before Lord Meh Meh's eyes and Lord Meh Meh who was just a moment before smirking proudly quickly stopped moving its excitedly bobbing tail and hung its head sheepishly.
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