Chapter 656: “Paying the Price (3)”

    Chapter 656: "Paying the Price (3)"

    After dealing with the band of men, Jun Wu Xie made the black beast carry the still unconscious Mu Qian Fan and they made their way back to the campsite. Lord Meh Meh kept a distance following behind Jun Wu Xie. Its hooves would tap a few quick steps before stopping to carefully observe Jun Wu Xie's back. When it eventually realised that it would not be getting a response from Jun Wu Xie, it hung its head sadly and followed behind quietly, feeling down and dejected every step of the way.

    Lord Meh Meh felt that the first man it had smashed up wasn't its fault. How was it expected to know that humans were so weak and so easily squished? It had just gently, very gently and softly touched him and the man had suddenly died!

    At the campsite, beside the campfire, Rong Ruo and Fei Yan had already returned and the five companions were seated around the fire chatting among themselves.

    When they heard footsteps, they turned with a smile on their faces but suddenly saw that Jun Wu Xie had not returned alone, but with Mu Qian Fan!

    What puzzled them further was when they saw that Mu Qian Fan was completely covered in blood!

    "What exactly happened! ?" Qiao Chu immediately stood up.

    Jun Wu Xie told the gang about Mu Qian Fan having accidentally stumbled upon the band of men and was attacked. She explained it with the scantest of details necessary and shoved the blood covered map to Hua Yao.

    Hua Yao compared the incomplete map with the others for a long while and then he said said: "If I am not wrong, this map should be one of the eight pieces that form up the map to the Dark Emperor's tomb. A pity it got so badly stained with blood or we would have another piece of it in our hands."

    At the end of his statement, Hua Yao could not help but give out a sigh.

    Every single piece of the map would not be easy to attain, and letting this perfect opportunity slip away this time would most definitely require a long time and tireless efforts from them to make up for it.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say a word but turned her gaze to stare at Lord Meh Meh beside her. Lord Meh Meh looked up and saw Jun Wu Xie's incredibly frosty eyes and its round wooly body could not help but shiver.

    "Meh meh meh! !"

    [I didn't mean it! It was really unintentional!]

    Lord Meh Meh ran charging in a straight line into the woods at the side abs hid among the trees.

    " Wha..... what happened to Lord Meh Meh?" Rong Ruo asked when she saw Lord Meh Meh ruining away looking distraught, but the sight of the ball of white wool dashing off made her feel like laughing.

    [It looked so adorable.]

    "Don't bother yourselves with it." Jun Wu Xie said softly.

    "Although the map can't be used, at least we got some great information didn't we? It seems that the fourth piece of the maps is currently in the hands on the Crown Prince of the Yan Country. Once we get our hands on the one in the Zephyr Academy, we can set forth towards the Yan Country next." Hua Yao said optimistically with a laugh. It's an ill wind that blows no one any good. Having gained information on the next piece of the map had saved them quite a bit of time instead.

    "The Yan Country, it is a rather long journey from the Zephyr Academy though." Fei Yan was thoughtful as the already all too familiar image of a map of the Lower Realm appeared in his mind.

    Between the Yan Country and the Zephyr Academy, there were several small countries. Judging based on the distance, they would need more than a month, to reach the faraway Yan Country. And that over a month's journey would require them to drive their horses hard and fast.

    "There's no need to rush. Shortly after this trip when we get back, we will be able to gain entry into the Zephyr Academy's main division, in a week's time at most. We are sure to be able to locate that map at that time." Hua Yao reasoned calmly.

    "Who in the Zephyr Academy do you suspect is most likely to be holding the map?" Fei Yan asked inquisitively.

    "Ning Rui." Jun Wu Xie answered suddenly.

    Jun Wu Xie continue to say: "When the Twelve Palaces were looking for scapegoats in the Lower Realm, they will not approach those who does not hold power. If it's not the Headmaster, it could be the Vice Headmaster."
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