Chapter 657: “Arriving at Heaven’s End Cliff (1)”

    Chapter 657: "Arriving at Heaven's End Cliff (1)"

    "If it is really in his hands, we don't have to wait till December. We can make our move once we return." Fan Zhuo said smilingly. Qiao Chu and all his companions had all enrolled into the Zephyr Academy to investigate who was holding the map. If they could ascertain their target, it would save them a lot of time.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded, locating the Dark Emperor's tomb as quickly as possible held great importance for her. Besides giving her the power to resist against the Twelve Palaces, it was also for her father, Jun Gu.

    The Soul Calming Jade preserved Jun Gu's body in perfect condition and would keep his soul's spirit intact.

    The horde of treasures in the Dark Emperor's tomb was filled with the rarest and most powerful magic items, and from among them, Jun Wu Xie was sure she would find something that would be able to bring Jun Gu back to life!

    If Jun Gu could be resurrected, she believed it would make her Uncle and her Grandfather very happy.

    The little black cat might have devoured a ring spirit too many and had already fallen into a deep slumber. Jun Wu Xie discussed a little bit more about their plans regarding their trip into the Heaven's End Cliff with Qiao Chu and the others before they all called it a night.

    Mu Qian Fan regained consciousness three days later. As his injuries were rather severe, the coachman's job was handed over to Fei Yan. Sitting at the front of such a large sized horse carriage, was a pretty young "girl", with a horse whip in hand, humming a lovely tune. As the carriage trundled along, the occasional adventurers they came across could not help but stare wide eyed at Fei Yan's pretty face, resisting the urge to stop the fast rolling horse carriage.

    Fei Yan would also occasionally throw out a few bashful winks and flutter his eyelashes at them, drawing several raucous cheers.

    It was deemed, among the group of companions, the most feminine looking one among them wasn't Jun Wu Xie nor Rong Ruo, who were the real girls among them, but it was the crossdressing Fei Yan instead.

    On that point, Fei Yan did not mind it in the least. He was only too glad to tease and taunt the simple minds of those fools.

    Two days later, they finally arrived at the Heaven's End Cliff.

    The land was completely bare. The sheer cliff looked like it was cleanly sliced off by the Heavens and when you peered down off the broken cliff, an endless sea of white met the eyes. The formless and insubstantial fog stretched all the way beyond the horizon, seemingly endless.

    Heaven's End Cliff. Where the lands end in a sheer cliff, and where the Heavens begin!

    Qiao Chu walked to the edge of the cliff and stretched out his head to peer over. He could only see a whole ocean of pure white, obscuring the bottom, hiding the ends.

    "This really..... does look a little scary." Qiao Chu gulped. In a place so heavily covered in mist like this, your sight would be heavily obscured. Forced to transverse a strange place like this blind, greatly unnerved people. Moreover, they already know, under that blinding mist, the place was filled with endless dangers.

    Mu Qian Fan had not fully recovered from his injuries and he had wanted to go down with them. But was flatly rejected by Jun Wu Xie and no matter how hard he pleaded, she did not relent.

    Qiao Chu and the others had already gathered and packed everything, slinging them all upon their backs. Their hands gripped large coils of thick ropes as they made preparations by themselves near the edge of the cliff.

    The two hidden shadowy bodyguards, Ye Mei and Ye Sha, suddenly appeared, standing between Jun Wu Xie and the cliff's edge.

    "Young Miss, why are you going down there?" Ye Sha asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie. Both he and Ye Mei could feel that there was something rather terrible hidden under that impenetrable fog.

    "The Dark Emperor's tomb." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei were suddenly dumbstruck. They both exchanged an incredulous look and they both saw the utter disbelief in each other's widely opened eyes.

    "Young..... Young..... Young Miss, what did you just say?" Ye Mei deeply believed his ears were playing tricks on him.

    Dark Emperor's tomb?


    When did his Lord get a tomb.....

    His esteemed Lord is still very much alive!!

    Jun Wu Xie repeated it another time.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei looked even more horrified!

    Utter blasphemy!

    Who dared commit such an atrocious blasphemy!? His esteemed Lord was still very much alive and kicking! Who in the damned Heavens erected such a god damned tomb!?
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