Chapter 658: “Arriving at Heaven’s End Cliff (2)”

    Chapter 658: "Arriving at Heaven's End Cliff (2)"

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei were about to go mad! From where in the blasted abyss did this Dark Emperor's tomb pop up from?

    "Young Miss..... From where did you come to know about this Dark Emperor's tomb?" Ye Sha asked very cautiously.

    "It is a well known fact in the Middle Realm. A long time ago, the Dark Emperor passed on, and the people from the Dark Regime erected a tomb. The location had always been a deep mystery and it is said that all the treasures and magical items the Dark Emperor had acquired throughout his reign was buried together with him in the Dark Emperor's tomb, which greatly stirred up all the Twelve Palaces, leading them to send countless people down to the Lower Realm in a relentless search for it." Qiao Chu knew Jun Wu Xie was not well skilled at long explanations and he opened up his mouth to help explain.

    Ye Sha's and Ye Mei's eyes widened, especially when they heard the words "the Dark Emperor passed on", and rage began to fill their eyes.

    But what further fueled their rage was when they heard that the Twelve Palaces were also involved in it!

    "The Dark Emperor's..... 'cough', who spread that news?" Ye Sha did not dare even utter the word "passing" together with his Lord's title. Irregardless that it was to be used just as an analogy, it would still be a blasphemy to his revered Lord.

    "Erm..... That, I do not know. But at that time, there was a great flurry of activity within the Dark Regime. How and why the Dark Emperor died was not known but the Dark Emperor's tomb had always been something everyone in the Middle Realm dreamt of finding." Qiao Chu replied, scratching at his head. He had witnessed Ye Sha's skills before. Those skills were strong enough to oppose the larger part of people from the Twelve Palaces and Qiao Chu had naturally assumed Ye Mei and Ye Sha to be from the Middle Realm, but.....

    They didn't seem to have the slightest idea of the widely known fact of the Dark Emperor's passing.

    "When the Dark Emperor died several centuries ago, and the Dark Emperor's tomb was erected the very next year. Is there anything wrong?" Qiao Chu asked innocently.

    Both Ye Sha and Ye Mei felt the corner of their mouths start to twitch.

    "Please wait a moment here."

    Upon saying that, the two immediately walked away to the side speaking in soft whispers.

    "Nobody knew anything about it back when our Lord was sealed down here in the Lower Realm, don't tell me those morons back in the Dark Regime really thought Lord ..... erm..... is no longer around?" Ye Sha whispered with a frown on his face.

    Ye Mei nodded.

    "That shouldn't be too far from the truth. I suddenly realized that only the few of us were with our Lord then and only we were aware of the fact that our Lord had been sealed down here. At that time, we only knew that our Lord was somewhere in the Lower Realm but we did not know exactly where he was located, and all of us had been frantically searching blindly all of that time, while not a single one of us had gone back to inform the Dark Regime..... I'm afraid those people back in the Dark Regime really thought that our nobel Lord ..... and that is how this tomb came about." Ye Mei was feeling that a massive headache was going to hit him.

    The events that happened at the time, was not known to anyone in the Middle Realm. Only the few of them who were with Jun Wu Yao knew exactly what happened. Once Jun Wu Yao was sealed away, all of them had been unimaginably frantic and they all lost their heads, thinking of nothing else but to locate Jun Wu Yao, and not a single one among them even thought to return back to the Dark Regime to pass on the news.

    "What a..... farce this has become!" Ye Sha said, with a heavy sigh.

    "But we can't be entirely sure of this, and this is just a guess. We don't know for sure that this place is built by the Dark Regime." Ye Mei reminded Ye Sha.

    "But the Young Miss seems to hold high interest in this place!" Ye Sha had lost his past memories and he had always found it rather curious that Jun Wu Xie would choose to travel together with Qiao Chu and the others. Now, things were finally becoming clear to him.

    The Young Miss was highly intent on going in with those kids and dig up his esteemed Lord's "bogus" tomb!

    Ye Sha suddenly could not decide whether he should laugh or cry.

    "Should we reveal the truth of the matter to the Young Miss?" Ye Sha was feeling mightily conflicted. If the place at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff was really designed and built by the Dark Regime, then it would only be all too clear to him just how insidious and dangerous that place could turn out to be.
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