Chapter 659: “Arriving at Heaven’s End Cliff (3)”

    Chapter 659: "Arriving at Heaven's End Cliff (3)"

    Ye Mei shook his head.

    "Lord Jue did not leave any instructions pertaining to this and we cannot decide on it unilaterally. Moreover....." Ye Mei's brow furrowed up and said: "I think the reason Lord Jue did not reveal his real identity to the Young Miss was to avoid drawing any dangers to her. Those people had up till now still not given up on their persecution of our Lord Jue."

    Ye Sha thumped his fist into his palm angrily.

    "If we hadn't fallen into their trap at that time, based on those lowly insects, they wouldn't have been able to do anything to our Lord! It's a shame that after having been sealed for so many years, our Lord's power has diminished, or I will be the first to follow right behind our Lord Jue, in his charge to erase the previous humiliation suffered!"

    The things that had happened to Jun Wu Yao at that time, was now a prickly thorn lodged in the hearts of Ye Sha and his comrade.

    Having allowed their Lord to be humiliated, it was due to the incompetence of his subordinates!

    If they had not been duty bound to locate Jun Wu Yao at that time, they would have taken their own lives to atone for their crime in failing to protect their lord.

    "That's all in the past. We will need to wait till Lord Jue comes back to decide how to handle this. But from what I can see, the Young Miss seems determined to go down the Heaven's End Cliff. If we cannot reveal the truth to her, we should at least go down together with them. Firstly, that will give us the opportunity to keep a tight watch over the Young Miss, and secondly, it will also let us ascertain for sure whether that place below the Heaven's End Cliff is truly the work of the Dark Regime." After deliberating on all the available options, Ye Mei realised that was the only logical choice.

    Ye Sha could not come up with any better ideas and could only agree to it.

    The two of them went back to discuss it with Jun Wu Xie, requesting to be allowed to tag along for the trip down the Heaven's End Cliff, as they would be unable to answer to Jun Wu Yao if Jun Wu Xie was to come into any harm.

    The moment they brought out Jun Wu Yao's name, Jun Wu Xie gave up on arguing the issue.

    Moreover, Ye Sha was highly skilled, and looking at the way Ye Mei interacted with Ye Sha, Ye Mei's skills did not seem to be inferior. Having two skilled fighters with them would naturally make it safer for the companions.

    Jun Wu Xie's group brought along a total of ten coils of strong ropes in preparation for any unexpected turn of events and they were able to give two spares to Ye Sha and Ye Mei.

    Mu Qian Fan was to remain at the top of the cliff to guard the equipment while Jun Wu Xie and the others had already secured their ropes and thrown the other end over the edge. The long ropes fell a long way down and they were quickly lost as they fell beyond the layers of thick white rolling fog.

    "Please let us go ahead of you." Ye Sha offered.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei took the ropes at the two extreme ends, where they would be most exposed to danger. At the same time, Ye Sha took Lord Meh Meh from Jun Wu Xie and stuffed it into his robes to reduce Jun Wu Xie's load.

    Moments after Ye Sha and Ye Mei had started on their descent, Jun Wu Xie heard them holler up to them and all the companions gripped their ropes, beginning on their own descent as well.

    The distance from the top of the cliff to the bottom was extremely far and they were even made to spend the night hanging from the ropes. The companions had already changed into thicker clothing and they had even worn coats treated with a waterproof coating as the outermost layer. Although they were unable to make it completely keep out the damp in the mist, it was nevertheless better than nothing.

    Wearing thick and rough gunny cloth gloves over her hands, Jun Wu Xie gripped the rope tightly, gradually moving herself down the cliff face.

    They did not move very quickly. For such a long climb, overexerting your strength too quickly would only cause them to completely deplete their energy halfway through it.

    They had just descended barely ten metres when Jun Wu Xie felt the temperature around her drastically drop suddenly. The ropes they had just thrown down not too long ago was already coated with a very thin layer of water vapour. If they had not been well prepared by purchasing the rougher hemp ropes, paired with their rough gloves to increase the friction to improve their grip, these wet and slippery ropes would have given them a lot of problems now.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked up. She found that she could no longer see the top of the cliff. Everything before eyes her had been covered by a thick white mist.
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