Chapter 664: “At the Bottom of the Cliff (2)”

    Chapter 664: "At the Bottom of the Cliff (2)"

    She asked Mu Qian Fan to clean Chan Lin Town out of its stock of Spirit Fire Globes.

    Due to the exorbitant prices of Spirit Fire Globes, very few places carried stock of them. Although Chan Lin Town was a busy and bustling town, but most of their clientele were only the disciples from the Zephyr Academy, hence it would be difficult to find many of them due to the low demand.

    Mu Qian Fan only managed to purchase three of them and they were all from the Chan Lin Auction House, and the prices he paid for them was even higher.

    Jun Wu Xie was still holding a batch of low grade spirit stones they had gathered from the Battle Spirits Forest. As only spirit stones that were of a medium grade and above were accepted by the Chan Lin Auction House, the most numerous in number of low grade spirit stones had been left neglected in Jun Wu Xie's Cosmos Sack, but would now just come in handy for their needs.

    The Spirit Fire Globe pushed back the darkness at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, creating a small area of brightness.

    Hua Yao and Rong Ruo held the other two lights, and they did not hesitate to light them after Jun Wu Xie put the first Spirit Fire Globe to use.

    The light from three Spirit Fire Globes finally lit up the nearby surroundings adequately.

    And what one look, all of them were dumbfounded!

    It was not all firm ground below their feet!

    Heaps and heaps of ravaged white skeletons filled the ground around them. Bits of broken bones filled up the gaps between the larger pieces, and the water vapour in the air had frozen the bones together, creating an expanse of firm "bony land".

    "These..... are from people who lives had been claimed by the Heaven's End Cliff?" Qiao Chu gasped in horror. He had just regained his sight and he had suddenly found himself standing on piles upon piles of bones, his heart almost leapt out of his heart from shock.

    "It should be." Jun Wu Xie replied, sweeping her eyes over the floor of bones she was standing on. Most of the bones were already shattered and she could not see any piece still intact. They were still standing close to the cliff's wall and judging from the position they were standing at, she assumed all the bones to people who had attempted to climb down the cliff, but had fallen to their deaths here at the bottom, and their bones collected here.

    "The people had been dead a long time." Jun Wu Xie gauged from the clear layers of ice frozen over the bones. It was not possible that these people had just died here in recent years.

    The bones could clearly be seen but they were buried in thick layers of ice. Based on her estimation and her observation of the level of humidity at the bottom of the cliff, for such a thick layer of ice to form, it was not something that could happen in just a matter of several years.

    When rotting happened on the dead bodies in such wet conditions, the process would be hastened, and only the white skeleton would be left. Frost would slowly form upon them slowly, gradually accumulating to become a thick layer of ice.

    "Rumours of the Heaven's End Cliff was spread a long time ago. In the beginning, quite a number of people had come forward to take up the challenge. But as more and more people died from their attempts, people stopped coming here. Up till now, very few people even know where the location of the Heaven's End Cliff is." Fei Yan reaffirmed Jun Wu Xie's guess with the information she had gathered.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, and took a white porcelain bottle out of her Cosmos Sack. She opened the stopper and poured out several elixirs into her palm.

    "There is poison here within the mist. Swallow this first."

    "Little Xie is still the most thoughtful." Qiao Chu walked up to her smiling, and popped one of the elixirs into his mouth. Not bothering to even ask what kind of elixir it was.

    Hua Yao, Rong Ruo and Fei Yan all took one each. Ye Sha and Ye Mei hesitated a moment but they hurriedly took one each and swallowed them when Jun Wu Xie stared impatiently at them.

    Towards the various poisons the Dark Regime used, the two of them were very familiar with them, and were already long immune to their effects. But before they can be sure whether this place was the work by the hands of the Dark Regime, it wouldn't hurt to be extra cautious.
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