Chapter 667: “Deadly Land (2)”

    Chapter 667: "Deadly Land (2)"

    Hidden within the confusing mist, not only were there the deadly poison and the sinkholes that swallowed up everything, fearsome beasts walked under its all reaching cover!

    Those ferocious and powerful monsters had caused Mu Qian Fan to face utter despair and Jun Wu Xie was not about to let down her guard. Lord Meh Meh was her hidden trump card on this expedition.

    Having rejected the idea of using Lord Meh Meh to scout the path ahead, Jun Wu Xie pulled out another three segment nunchuck from her Cosmos Sack. She was well prepared and she wasn't afraid that she would not have enough of them to use.

    Continuing to prod and probe the mossy ground going their way forward, the three segmented nunchucks in Jun Wu Xie's Cosmos Sack decreased quickly in number. As they advanced, they found that the density of the sinkholes in the ground had increased in terrifying numbers!

    After walking a whole day, they did not even manage to cover a single kilometre.

    Along the way, they came across countless sinkholes and at the edges of those sinkholes, they would find many old and broken items lying on the ground. Badly corroded by the green moss, items like swords and sabres, lying beside torn and tattered pieces of clothing. It was obvious, before they came here, countless people had lost their lives, swallowed up by all these hungry sinkholes, and all the old and broken items scattered at the sides, almost all covered in green moss, were the last items those people left behind in the world of the living.

    Compared to the ground made up of skeletal remains, the terrain here filled with sinkholes was more terrifying, with death watching their every step.

    More than the innumerable heaps upon heaps of skeletal remains, the scattering of items at the edges of the sinkholes showed the merciless cruelty of the place.

    Dying and even your body could not be found..... seemed a rather harsh way to die.

    The strength that they managed to recover after so much effort had been quickly depleted. Jun Wu Xie and her companions had no choice but to locate a secure area on the terrain for them to sit down and rest. The black beast and Rolly were both summoned and Jun Wu Xie did not allow Lord Meh Meh to transform this time.

    Surrounding them on all sides, were a countless number of sinkholes. Lord Meh Meh's original body was too big and if it transformed, it would definitely encounter the sinkholes.

    Irregardless of the fact that they advanced very slowly, the weariness that consumed them was more mental and they had not expended much physical strength. But their completely drained out spirit powers demanded that they need to take a rest.

    "Say, how much longer do we need to spend here before we can completely finish exploring the place?" Qiao Chu asked, chewing on the cold hard piece of dried beef he held, feeling like he had bitten off a piece of rock into his mouth.

    All the others shook their heads. Neither did they know how much longer the road ahead was for them, and how far a journey they could take. The main goal for this expedition was to do everything they could to get a good feel of the place and learn all that they could, travelling as far as they possibly could, to gather whatever information they came across.

    Naturally, that was provided they were all able to remain safe. Once their lives come under threat, they would not continue to remain there.

    "Seems like, in order to find the exact location of the Dark Emperor's tomb, we would really need to collect all eight pieces of the map before it's possible." Qiao Chu sighed in disappointment. He had thought that with the two human skin maps they possessed in their hands, even if they were not able to pinpoint the exact location of the Dark Emperor's tomb, the maps would at least be of some use at the bottom of the cliff. However, the reality was nothing close to what he had expected.

    "For now, it seems that is what we must do." Hua Yao said, nodding in agreement.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly stretched out her hand, and soon she was holding a pure black ring. The spirit stone in the ring was still flashing with a bright gleam, but the ring was well covered with moss.

    "Is that a spirit ring?" Fan Zhuo asked, immediately recognizing it for what it was.

    The spirit ring looked very old and badly worn, but after wiping away the moss covering it, it turned really shiny and flawless, only that not a single sliver of spirit presence could be detected from the ring.

    "This spirit ring had been reforged before, and the material used was also Black Silver. But the ring's owner must have died and the ring spirit's link already severed." Fan Zhuo said as he took the ring and inspected it. The Spirit Reinforcement runes he saw on the ring was foreign to him, different from the three types that he knew of.
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