Chapter 681: “Escape from Heaven’s End Cliff (6)”

    Chapter 681: "Escape from Heaven's End Cliff (6)"

    Qiao Chu and all the others had not been that lucky. They had gathered to come together one after another and they could only use elixirs to stabilise their injuries temporarily, dragging their completely wearied bodies to carry on with the search and their bodies should have collapsed but they had bravely soldiered on, sustained purely only by the deep worry they held for their missing teammate.

    Jun Wu Xie inspected her teammates' condition without a word and was relieved to find that they had not sustained injuries that were too severe and would recover fully with proper rest.

    "We cannot continue to stay here at the Heaven's End Cliff. We will need to go back." Fan Zhuo said, staring at his arm that Jun Wu Xie had just bandaged up for him.

    They were now fully aware of the treacherous dangers that filled the Heaven's End Cliff through this expedition and they knew that without a full map, finding the exact location of the Dark Emperor's tomb under the blinding misty fog was next to impossible.

    Back when their parents had found the Dark Emperor's tomb, they had no come to the Heaven's End Cliff alone, but with other companions. There had been eight of them and they had been from seven different palaces, making a total of seven teams altogether. But the number of people who had managed to locate the tomb in the end had only been eight.

    To have been chosen by the Twelve Palaces for the search, they were all without exception the topmost ranked fighters they had. Even when the Twelve Palaces had sent their best of the best, the majority of the people they sent had not survived. Besides the eight from seven different palaces who managed to make their way to the tomb, five whole teams from the test of the palaces had all been completely wiped out.

    Qiao Chu and the others were now considered to be very powerful in the Lower Realm, but when faced with the traps put together by the Dark Regime, they were suddenly so insignificant.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    They had achieved what they came here for, to find out more about the Heaven's End Cliff. They knew for sure it was impossible for them to locate the end destination at this point and they had not intentions of dragging it out.

    Fan Zhuo and the others calmed their hearts and allowed their bodies to rest, as they prepared to leave the Heaven's End Cliff.

    The teammates rested for three full days in the stone house and they finished up the last of their rations and supply of water, having decided to depart from this living hell.

    Jun Wu Xie was carrying Lord Meh Meh in her arms, the last one to step out from the stone house when she turned back and looked at the crude stone structure. She quietly handed Lord Meh Meh over to Ye Sha before she once again faced the stone house from which she had gained a lot from.

    Qiao Chu and the others stared at Jun Wu Xie in puzzlement when they saw that a silver ring had suddenly appeared in her hand. Jun Wu Xie's head was lowered as she looked at the old and unused ring she held.

    That ring had been found in a corner asking the wall and was assumed to have belonged to the previous owner of the stone house. When he had died, the ring spirit had also departed and the ring was now just an ordinary ring without any spirit power.

    Jun Wu Xie rubbed at the shiny surface of the ring and kept silent for awhile before she suddenly put the ring onto her finger.

    The next moment, she was suddenly kneeling upon the ground!

    And facing the stone house, she solemnly bowed and hit her head three times loudly upon the ground.

    "I know not of your name, but you had still imparted knowledge to me and is now acknowledged as a revered Master of Jun Wu Xie. Although you are no longer living in this world, I would still like to bring you out of the Heaven's End Cliff as was your wish." Jun Wu Xie's voice was solemn and steady, her clear eyes steely and determined.

    Although it had been just a short line, it had allowed her to acquire an important skill. No matter from how long ago the man had died, he would forever be her Master!

    Cloaked in the enveloping silence within the misty fog, Qiao Chu and the others waited patiently as they looked at Jun Wu Xie. After hearing her words, their faces all broke into a smile.

    As Jun Wu Xie's voice faded into the mist, the stone house which had stood erect for god knows how long, suddenly gave a shudder and the stone house that had sheltered Jun Wu Xie in the past days suddenly collapsed in a moment!

    The blocks of stone fell and shattered upon the scorched and blackened ground, kicking up a big billowing cloud of dust.

    Within the cloud, Jun Wu Xie thought she could faintly discern the stalwart figure of a man, illusionary and surreal, seemingly with a smile on his face. However, the dust quickly fell and settled, the figure disappearing quickly into nothing.
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