Chapter 684: “Return Journey (2)”

    Chapter 684: "Return Journey (2)"

    In that way, that would allow Lord Meh Meh to avoid having to open its mouth wide and cause Lord Meh Meh's skin to split on one hand, and on the other, the lotus leaves that Drunk Lotus gave were from the rare Snow Lotus that had very good healing properties, and they tasted much better than green grass.

    Without having to suffer pain while eating, Lord Meh Meh seemed to feel a little better. Though it was still unable to stand on its own feet and its four hooves remained curled up under its belly as it lay in Jun Wu Xie's arms. After every meal, it would always struggle to raise its bare and "wooless" head, still dark and blackened, and snuggle close against Jun Wu Xie's body, just like it had done all along.

    But the soft and cuddly, immensely furry little adorable creature was now a frightful and ghastly sight to see, looking nothing like its originally coy, bumbling and adorably foolish self.

    Everytime Jun Wu Xie saw the tiny figure cringe due to pain and fright, where Lord Meh Meh  would then lean more tightly against her, Jun Wu Xie's heart would always cringe from the hurt she was feeling from the sight.

    Initially, when the sheep was still in its peak condition when she had first met it, the pain from the little pinpricks the companions had inflicted on its gigantic beast form had sent Lord Meh Meh running away in retreat. But at the most critical moment in the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, Lord Meh Meh had selflessly knocked Jun Wu Xie away and put itself in the path of the terrifying green ball of flame. And the resulting pain and agony it was still under, could not be compared in anyway from what they had first given it.

    Lord Meh Meh struggled to continue with its coquettish ways everyday, as was its habit all this while, seemingly thinking that would continue to win its "feedstress" favour.

    While seeing Lord Meh Meh's eyes squinting in pain while looking at Jun Wu Xie longingly, Jun Wu Xie could feel her eyes beginning to burn up. She gathered her spirit power to gradually wrap around Lord Meh Meh, to prevent her touch from causing it any unnecessary and excruciating pain.

    "There is no need, you do not need to do this. Just rest rest yourself well and you will recover very soon." Jun Wu Xie did not dare cuddle Lord Meh Meh closer to her, afraid that it would cause it harm and agonising pain. She could only look into those eyes, half closed in pain and whisper softly to it.

    "Meh....." Lord Meh Meh did not seem to understand, why Jun Wu Xie no longer wanted its affections anymore.

    [In the past, didn't its "feedstress" enjoy it very much?]

    It might have been too tired, or it might have been too painful. After Lord Meh Meh gave out that single bleat weakly, it fell once again into a deep sleep. Its tiny body had wanted to curl up tightly to find some security, but its badly burnt skin had no elasticity at the moment and any stretching of the skin would tear and split, causing much pain. Hence, Lord Meh Meh could only lie in Jun Wu Xie's arms, its body stiff and rigid.

    "I will never call you a dumb sheep anymore, you must get well quickly." The black cat went to lie on Jun Wu Xie's lap, slowly drawing closer to the sleeping Lord Meh Meh, but was careful not to touch, putting as small a distance as possible between them, to affectionately hover close to the sheep.

    From the moment that Lord Meh Meh had sacrificed its own body to shield Jun Wu Xie, the little black cat had fully accepted the little fella as its ally and partner.

    The days passed one after another, and after an arduous journey, Jun Wu Xie finally saw the silhouette of Chan Lin Town appearing over the horizon.

    Upon reaching Chan Lin Town, Jun Wu Xie immediately rushed to the inn and booked a room. She then laid Lord Meh Meh upon the soft bed and left instructions for the little black cat to take good care of Lord Meh Meh. She left straight after towards the Chan Lin Auction House as it was known, throughout the whole Chan Lin Town, that place held the most stock of rare and precious herbs.

    Before they returned to the Zephyr Academy, she needed to first stabilise Lord Meh Meh's condition.

    Qiao Chu and the others were exhausted, but there were few days left before the selections for disciples from the branch division to be promoted into the main division began. They had initially intended to snatch the map from Ning Rui immediately upon coming back, but the time they spent at the Heaven's End Cliff had taken longer than they thought and the selections would start once they got back to the academy. Moreover, Jun Wu Xie needed to first treat Lord Meh Meh's injuries and they did not see the need to rush things at that moment.

    After a rushed goodbye to Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo, Qiao Chu and the others immediately started on their way back to the branch division, to prepare themselves for the upcoming selections.
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