Chapter 694: “Ominous Clouds Loom (1)”

    Chapter 694: "Ominous Clouds Loom (1)"

    The tiny dwelling in the little bamboo grove was occupied once again but this time, the one living with Jun Wu Xie was not Fan Zhuo, but Gu Ying. It was not known what method Gu Ying used that he was able to make the loony Ah Jing really begin to serve him. Their daily three meals were prepared by Ah Jing and everytime Jun Wu Xie saw Ah Jing, Ah Jing would always glance just once fearfully at her and immediately lower his head. And whenever Gu Ying appeared, Ah Jing would just start to tremble violently.

    "It has already been two days since Senior returned. Aren't you intending to make a trip back to the Spirit Healer faculty to take a look?" Gu Ying had just pushed the door and entered Jun Wu Xie's room without leave as he asked with a big smile on his face.

    Jun Wu Xie ignored him and walked out the door on her own, going towards the Spirit Healer faculty. Gu Ying followed behind unperturbed and they met quite a number of the Zephyr Academy's disciples along the way. When those disciples saw Gu Ying, they all bolted in different directions terror stricken, not unlike frightened birds seeing a cat, which only drew out laughter from Gu Ying.

    When they came to the Spirit Healer faculty, all the disciples inside all just lowered their heads, not daring to lift their eyes when they saw Gu Ying.

    Judging from the way the other disciples were reacting, Gu Ying must have caused quite a stir in the Zephyr Academy or why would the all the disciples in the entire academy be so fearful of him?

    Jun Wu Xie remained silent throughout all of it and when she reached Gu Li Sheng's door, she turned and said to Gu Ying: "I have things I need to say to him."

    Gu Ying raised an eyebrow.

    "Senior should just go ahead and finish up with his business. I'll just wait here outside."

    Gu Ying did not mind it in the least for Jun Wu Xie to meet with Gu Li Sheng alone. Throughout the entire Zephyr Academy, the only person that caused Gu Ying any concern was Wen Xin Han and Wen Xin Han only cared about Fan Jin's life and he did not seem to be interested in meddling into any other affairs in the academy.

    Both Jun Wu Xie and Gu Li Sheng were people they wanted to have remain behind and there was nothing for him to worry about.

    Jun Wu Xie did not find Gu Ying's cooperative demeanor strange. Through her observations, she had managed to get a good grasp of Gu Ying's mind.

    In Gu Ying's mind, she and Gu Li Sheng might already be perceived as birds trapped in their cages.

    Jun Wu Xie rapped her knuckles on the door to Gu Li Sheng's office. It was silent for a moment behind the door before Gu Li Sheng's voice rang out. Jun Wu Xie pushed the door open and she shut the door tight after she entered, isolating Gu Ying's smiley eyes from them.

    "Jun Xie!" Gu Li Sheng's face had been filled with worry and anxiety in the office but even his eyes saw Jun Wu Xie, they lit up immediately. He quickly got up from behind his desk and strode over to Jun Wu Xie with wide long steps.

    "Why are you back?" Gu Li Sheng's voice wasn't too loud, like he was purposely lowering his voice.

    "My business was finished and so I came back." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    Gu Li Sheng smiled bitterly and said: "You might as well not come back. The Zephyr Academy has completely changed and is no longer a place anyone should stay for long. Sigh." Gu Li Sheng sighed as his eyes drifted towards the tightly shut door.

    His eyes speaking much of what his mouth did not when he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Gu Li Sheng's face was deathly pale.

    "It is as I thought, I heard yesterday that that person had suddenly moved into the little bamboo grove and was thinking it was rather strange. Now that you are here, I know the reason for his actions now. "

    "Do you know know who did it?" Jun Wu Xie asked softly.

    Gu Li Sheng shook his head with a bitter smile. "He came to the Zephyr Academy more than half a month ago and initially it was claimed he was Ning Rui's cousin. The Headmaster then had felt extremely guilty for Ning Xin's death at that time Ning Rui and after Ning Rui came to plead with him for a long time, the Headmaster had finally agreed to allow that person to enter the Spirit Healer faculty. This was told to me by the Headmaster himself. At that time, I had not thought too much about it. Although I had felt it was a little strange, I did not want to make things difficult for the Headmaster and finally allowed him to be admitted into the Spirit Healer faculty as a disciple in name....."
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