Chapter 705: “Prepping for the Counter (4)”

    Chapter 705: "Prepping for the Counter (4)"

    "Looks like he isn't capable of eating on his own. Come, Gongcheng Lei, you feed him." Ning Rui said, his eyes almost dripping with malice.

    Gongcheng Lei immediately lifted a bowl and used the soup spoon to scoop up the still slightly scalding hot soup and pushed it into Fan Jin's mouth one after another.

    However, Fan Jin did not react in the slightest. He sat there staring blankly ahead, while Gongcheng Lei continued to stuff big mouthfuls of rice and other dishes into his mouth. His mouth remained open and he did not move. The forcibly fed food filled his mouth and was overflowing, and much of it just dropped over his chin and onto his clothes, making them even more filthy than they had been before.

    Soup and water was soaked up into his clothes and Fan Jin now looked every inch worse than the beggars on the streets, just a marionette that anyone could manipulate.

    Gongcheng Lei's rough and brutal actions showed not an ounce of mercy. Fan Jin's mouth was obviously completely filled with food but he continued to push the sturdy porcelain spoon to stuff more in. The wounds on his cracked lips split open and and blood flowed down mixed together with the food falling out of his mouth.

    Jun Wu Xie stared unblinkingly at Fan Jin being put under such torture. She did not waver in the slightest, seemingly wanting to remember every single thing that was happening, and remember it all in her heart.

    She would remember the humiliation these people served today.

    Ning Rui was laughing, and Gu Ying was laughing. They seemed to find it great joy and think it was very amusing to toy with a completely defenceless Fan Jin in this manner.

    Jun Wu Xie watched it all without a word. She came to notice that it wasn't that Fan Jin did not feel pain, and it wasn't that he did not retaliate. She saw that Fan Jin's lower jaw had been forcibly dislocated and he was just unable to close his mouth.....

    A frosty chilling light rose in Jun Wu Xie's placid eyes. She quickly hid it and remained quiet just as she had done and sat there continuing to watch.

    Watching the once proud son of the Heavens, watching the once friendly and amicable youth, toyed and tortured like a lowly beast by the very enemies who murdered his father in cold blood. Jun Wu Xie sat through it all, not giving them the slightest reaction.

    Gu Ying observed Jun Wu Xie secretly but he could not detect the slightest trace of any crack on Jun Wu Xie's mask of placid calm he had so eagerly anticipated to see. The smile on his face faded as the corners of his mouth straightened out, and impatience began to show within his eyes.

    Ning Rui was beside himself with joy when he saw Fan Jin being tormented like a dog, which helped soothe the burning hatred that gripped at his heart. His laughter grated jarringly on the ears as he watched the inhumane scene play out before him.

    Fan Jin suddenly retched violently from the harsh torment that blocked up Fan Jin's airway. He fell to the ground with a loud thump as his gut turned and his body threw up everything reflexively, and all the food stuffed in his mouth came tumbling out together. His spent body started trembling violently, completely wrecked, an intolerable sight.

    "What's wrong? You ate so little and you are full already? Don't you know how difficult it was to prepare all these food? Our high and mighty Young Master Fan really doesn't know the sufferings of the common people. How can you be so wasteful?" A smirk appeared on Ning Rui's mouth and he gave Gongcheng Lei a meaningful glance. Gongcheng Lei immediately stepped forth and squatted down beside Fan Jin. He then grabbed Fan Jin by the hair and pushed his face into his vomit, like he expected Fan Jin eat up the disgusting vomit he had just spewed out.

    "Are you done eating?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly asked Gu Ying sitting beside her.

    Gu Ying was surprised, and the mirth reappeared in his eyes once more.

    [He finally can't take it anymore?]

    "Still not completely full. Why? Senior, you've had your fill? Why don't you give me a little while longer?" Gu Ying said.

    However, Jun Wu Xie stood up quickly.

    "It smells. If you enjoy this smell, you just go ahead." With those words, Jun Wu Xie gave a deep frown and walked away covering her nose.

    Gu Ying was at a loss for words for a moment. He had not thought that Jun Wu Xie would say that.

    Even Ning Rui was dumbfounded. He clearly remembered that Jun Xie and Fan Jin had been rather close. So, when seeing Fan Jin treated so harshly, how could he remain so unaffected!? Not only that, he had even displayed an expression of utter disgust before he left throwing out his sleeves in abhorrence!

    [Isn't he going to say anything to try to save Fan Jin?]
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