Chapter 706: Prepping for the Counter (5)

    Chapter 706: Prepping for the Counter (5)

    Gu Ying and Ning Rui had not expected Jun Xie to give them such a response. The scene they imagined in their minds that their hearts longed to see did not materialise.

    Gu Ying stood up, feeling slightly disappointed as he looked at Ning Rui and said: "Your malicious sense of humour amounted to nothing in the end." Immediately turning after saying that, Gu Ying left to catch up to Jun Wu Xie.

    Ning Rui's face twisted up grotesquely with rage, as a persistent twitch tugged at the corner of his mouth. He sprang up from his seat all of a sudden and flipped the table, causing a whole table full of soup and dishes to spill onto Fan Jin.

    Fan Jin lay in a heap on the ground, his body still trembling violently.

    "Bring him back there! Don't forget to wash him clean and change his clothes. Make sure Wen Xin Han does not notice anything." Ning Rui snarled through gritted teeth.

    Gongcheng Lei flinched, but hurriedly nodded his head, before he proceeded to drag the pungent smelling Fan Jin away.

    When Jun Wu Xie got back to the little bamboo grove, she shut her room door behind her. Gu Ying came and wanted to talk a little but Jun Wu Xie adamantly refused.

    Hearing Gu Ying's departing footsteps outside the door, Jun Wu Xie was seated at the table. She felt slightly short of breath as the scorching rage burned in her chest, almost made her lose control. Her tightly clenched fists were on the table, and she realised that her nails had dug so hard into her palms that blood was dripping out from the bottom of her fists.

    "Meow." The little black cat appeared. It could sense the intense rage in Jun Wu Xie's heart and it padded over to rub its body against Jun Wu Xie's hands and licked at Jun Wu Xie's wounds to comfort her.

    "I was wrong." Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.

    The little black cat sat down on the table and looked at her chilly eyes.

    "I should have arranged to meet with Wen Xin Han tonight." Jun Wu Xie could not understand why she was so burned up in rage. She felt as if a big rock was pressing down on her chest, and she had a huge urge to immediately run to Ning Rui right at that very moment to tear him to pieces.

    "It will be over tomorrow. It will all end tomorrow. Once tomorrow comes, and you get a clear answer whether there are any other Middle Realm people within the Zephyr Academy, you will then be able to make your move." The little black cat continued to rub itself against Jun Wu Xie's arm. Besides feeling Jun Wu Xie's rage, the little black cat was also sensing from its Mistress a chilling urge to kill that its Mistress was trying very hard to suppress.

    Jun Wu Xie took in an enormously deep breath, attempting to cool the burning urge to kill in her heart.

    [Tomorrow, just wait till tomorrow!]


    Early the next morning, Gu Ying came knocking on Jun Wu Xie's room door. Jun Wu Xie had already managed to regain her composure and when she saw Gu Ying, her face was as calm and as expressionless as before.

    The two of them then left for the Spirit Healer faculty. Jun Wu Xie again requested to speak to Gu Li Sheng alone and Gu Ying just shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly without disagreeing.

    When he had left from the little bamboo grove yesterday and gone to the Spirit Healer faculty, he had not discovered anything strange. He did not think that Jun Xie was talking to Gu Li Sheng about just mundane things but Jun Xie had been able to hide it too well. He still had not managed to discover what Jun Xie was really after and he was currently indulging to his whims to encourage him to make his move.

    But Gu Ying had not known that Jun Wu Xie was always careful and meticulous in her plans and she would never allow Gu Ying much time to discover or detect anything from her.

    Jun Wu Xie went into Gu Li Sheng's office alone. Gu Ying glanced around the room before he closed the door and when he saw that only Gu Li Sheng was in there, he smiled and mumbled a few lines before he retreated from the room.

    Once the door was shut, the stiff smile on Gu Li Sheng's face quickly disappeared. He strode quickly to the door and stuck his ear onto it, and listened intently for a while. After he was certain that Gu Ying was not at the door trying to eavesdrop on them, he finally sighed in relief and was finally able to show Jun Wu Xie a genuine smile.

    "You are Jun Xie?" A strange voice suddenly spoke within her mind. Jun Wu Xie raised her head and she suddenly saw Wen Xin Han dressed in a blue flowing robe walking out from behind a tightly shut bookcase.
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