Chapter 757: Yan Country (8)

    Chapter 757: Yan Country (8)

    But Fan Jin did not ask them anything about it, nor did he want to look deeper into it. He knew that regardless whether it was Jun Wu Xie or her companions around her, they were all people from extraordinary backgrounds. And if they did not tell him about what they were going to do, he assumed they must have their own reasons for doing so.

    Fan Jin's eyes slowly turned to look at Fan Zhuo. Seeing the genuine smile on his face that shone from deep inside his heart, he was feeling glad and heartened by what he saw.

    "You guys carry on chatting. I need to go see the Grand Adviser." Fan Jin stood up and announced. He was afraid that Jun Wu Xie and the others might find it inconvenient to speak their mind if he remained there and he found himself an excuse to leave.

    "Grand Adviser? Big Brother, what are you looking for him for?" Fan Jin asked.

    The Yan Country's Grand Adviser held a position of pivotal importance and he was highly revered by the people, his reputation and status second only to the Emperor himself, but still higher than even the Crown Prince, the heir apparent to the throne. But the Grand Adviser seldom interfered with the affairs concerning the running of the Yan Country and he would only make an appearance when needed.

    If the Emperor of the Yan Country was the authoritative figure as its ruler, then the Grand Adviser would be the Yan Country's Spiritual Leader, who was deeply loved and respected by its people.

    Fan Jin replied easily with a laugh: "Senior Wen Xin Han had entrusted me with a letter before we left, for me to hand over to the Grand Adviser."

    Fan Zhuo nodded and did not probe further. They had all come out from the Zephyr Academy and the academy was now being run by Wen Xin Han and Gu Li Sheng. As the Zephyr Academy had just weathered through so much turmoil, Fan Jin had sincerely invited Wen Xin Han to temporarily remain at the Zephyr Academy and Wen Xin Han had not refused.

    After seeing Fan Jin leave, Fei Yan rubbed at his chin. "If my memory serves me correctly, the Yan Country's Grand Adviser seems to be surnamed Wen." His eyes turning to look meaningfully at Jun Wu Xie.

    Although the surname Wen was not considered to be very rare, but the fact that Wen Xin Han had asked Fan Jin to deliver a letter to the Yan Country's Grand Adviser and that they both shared the same surname of Wen would unavoidably make people link them together.

    "The Yan Country's Grand Adviser, goes by the name of Wen Yu?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

    Fei Yan nodded.

    "It is afterall Senior Wen's personal matter and it will not be nice for us to probe into it. But it at least provides us with some reaffirmation that Wen Yu is not our enemy." Fan Zhuo said with a smile. Although he did not know what was written in Wen Xin Han's letter, but if he had tasked Fan Jin to personally deliver the letter, he strongly believed Wen Xin Han's actions was led by some personal motive, like requesting for him to watch over them a little or something along those lines.

    "Cough..... I also heard..... that the Yan Country's Grand Adviser looks..... enchantingly beautiful." Qiao Chu said suddenly, a faint pink tinge even starting to show on his face.

    Fei Yan shot Qiao Chu a glance filled with disdain, in helpless silence.

    [Whenever this moron lays his eyes on beautiful people, no matter male or female, he always puts on this sick puppy face!]

    "It is said he looks very beautiful, and that he possesses the most beautiful face in the Yan Country. But do not repeat this unofficial title outside. The Grand Adviser does not seem to like people commenting on his looks." Fei Yan reminded.

    "I'm not going to do that. Where would you find a man that likes people telling him that he is pretty?" Qiao Chu grumbled.

    Jun Wu Xie listened to them quietly. Without thinking about it, after she heard about Wen Yu's revered beauty, she subconsciously turned to look at Jun Wu Yao beside her. Her slightly cold gaze swept over Jun Wu Yao's flawless and perfect features, carefully scrutinising his face.

    It might be that Jun Wu Xie's stare had been too obvious, where even Qiao Chu on the other side noticed it.

    "Little Xie, there's no need to stare so hard. I dare guarantee it! That Wen Yu fella, could never be as good looking as our Big Brother Jun." He had never seen anyone looking more attractive than Jun Wu Yao in his life! If someone told him that a person existed that looked better than Jun Wu Yao, he really wouldn't be able to imagine what kind of monster that person could possibly be.

    Jun Wu Xie was startled and she quickly averted her eyes, lowering her head to sip at her tea. But her conspicuous attempt to hide made it all the more obvious to Jun Wu Yao's eyes, and that elicited a light laugh out of him.
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