Chapter 758: “Flame Spirit Auction House (1)”

    Chapter 758: "Flame Spirit Auction House (1)"

    After lunch, the companions parted ways.

    Having come to the Yan Country's Imperial Capital, Fei Yan gathered more sources of information and in this period before the Spirit Battle Tournament commenced, he continued to gather more intelligence. Besides information on the Yan Country's Crown Prince, he researched a little on the academies taking part in this year's Spirit Battle Tournament.

    In the short amount of time they took to have a meal, the news that the Zephyr Academy had sent only a meager ten people quickly spread throughout the various academies' teams. Many of them were already thinking that the Zephyr Academy had fallen from grace this year and when they heard the news, they were even more certain that they had been right.

    After finishing her lunch, Jun Wu Xie did not remain in the inn. With the Yan Country being the mightiest power throughout the lands, the resources they possessed was something other countries could not compare to. And in the Yan Country's most prosperous Imperial Capital City, there were places that no other cities could compare to as well.

    According to Fei Yan's sources, Jun Wu Xie got to know that the Yan Country's Imperial Capital City housed the world's biggest Flame Spirit Auction House. It was opened by the Yan Country's wealthiest merchant and they can be found in all the cities throughout the Yan Country, with the flagship and biggest branch situated right here in the Capital City. They had all kinds of rare treasures and extraordinary things here, more than one could count, and it was the place the tiny Chan Lin Auction House could not dream to compare to.

    Although they had been well caught up with so many tumultuous events all this time, Jun Wu Xie had nevertheless not forgotten the elixir that Yan Bu Gui needed. In order to succeed in its cultivation, she needed to first gather the herbs that she needed. Hence, she had her eyes set on the Flame Spirit Auction House at that moment, wanting to go take a look and see if they have anything suitable herbs that she needed.

    As the Capital City had an abundant flow of customers, the entire city was dotted throughout with many auction houses big and small. The most successful and prosperous Flame Spirit Auction House among them even opened up for business everyday, allowing everyone to go pick out treasures anytime they wanted.

    It was high noon and the Yan Country's Imperial Capital City was filled with the hustle and bustle of people, everywhere you looked, the place was teeming with crowds of people.

    As the Spirit Battle Tournament was nearing, the Yan Country's Imperial Capital was filled with people from the various entourages from the numerous academies, and also people who came from other mighty powers and factions who were seeking to pick out potential candidates to recruit. They had all flocked to the Capital City, gathered here together to wait for the tournament to commence, filling up the city to the brim.

    In regards to the intentions of the various powers in their city, the Yan Country had always been silent. It was not that they freely allowed others to come try to snatch any potential gifted disciples that they had their eye on, but it was because the Yan Country had complete confidence that anyone they approached, would never reject their invitation.

    That was the confidence of the mightiest power throughout the lands!

    Jun Wu Xie followed the map that Fei Yan gave her and passed through the main streets and small alleys, making her way towards the Flame Spirit Auction House. And right beside her, a tall slender figure followed closely.

    "Does Little Xie have anything she wants to buy?" Jun Wu Yao asked with a smile, looking at Jun Wu Xie. He seemed to have nothing to do in the recent period and he attached himself to Jun Wu Xie. There were only a few occasions that he would disappear only for just a few hours before he would quickly reappear.

    Jun Wu Xie had never asked him about his disappearance even when she detected the faint stench of blood on him every time, and just frown slightly but remaining silent.

    "I needs some herbs." Jun Wu Xie replied.

    "Are you going to cultivate elixirs again?" Jun Wu Yao asked, his eyes narrowed as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. All this time, he had from the beginning till now always been able to smell the light fragrant scent of herbs emanating from her, totally unlike the overpowering smell of scented powder that was commonly found on girls, and different from the sickening sweet smell of a variety of flowers. Jun Wu Xie had a scent about her that was faintly bitter and it might be slightly discomfiting initially, but after getting used to it, it kinds of grows on you and feels extremely comforting.
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