Chapter 777: “Banquet (4)”

    Chapter 777: "Banquet (4)"

    The six from the Zephyr Academy were like as if accursed. Within the entire banquet, masses of disciples from the other academies were pointing and whispering about them. The Zephyr Academy had already been a "hot topic" this year and with Lei Chen's favoured treatment showered upon them, they were immediately thrown into the muck.

    To be fair, the six of them possessed outstanding looks, but to all the other youths there, they couldn't find it in themselves to like them. Afterall, they were all here to compete and outshine the others in the Spirit Battle Tournament, and before the competition had even begun, the people from the Zephyr Academy had already gained the Crown Prince, Lei Chen's favour, how could they be expected to be happy about it?

    "Meow~" The black cat was lying on Jun Wu Xie's lap, its sharp ears listening to those barbed and barely veiled sarcasm, as it swung its tail slowly in the air.

    [This whole bunch of unruly kids, are they all too free? It is just a Spirit Battle Tournament, why are they all acting as if the Crown Prince is selecting his concubine! ? Every single one of them acting like jealous women.]

    [Lei Chen had merely spoken a sentence more to Jun Wu Xie and all these people are wishing fervently they can chew Jun Wu Xie up.]

    Jun Wu Xie stroked the little black cat's soft fur gently, blocking out all those words around her. She was not interested in wasting time with these kids. They only reason she came here was to use this opportunity this banquet provided to investigate further into the Crown Prince, to allow them to strike more easily after the conclusion of the Spirit Battle Tournament.

    Maybe it was too noisy and rowdy at the banquet, Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat and suddenly stood up. Lei Chen who was chatting lightly with other disciples noticed Jun Wu Xie's actions and he suddenly asked with a smile on his face: "Little brother Jun, is anything wrong?"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the smiling Lei Chen and said expressionlessly: "Too stifling." And she immediately walked towards the outside of the banquet. Qiao Chu and the others exchanged glances with each other, knowing what Jun Wu Xie intended to do, as they continued chatting merrily with each other.

    In a show of generosity and affability to the contestants, the Crown Prince had specially allowed the youths coming to the banquet to freely move about the Crown Prince's Residence. In this way, he would be able to show his amicable nature and the disciples would get to witness the grandeur of the Crown Prince's Residence.

    Lei Chen stared after Jun Xie's departing back and a trace of a smile came into his eyes.

    People who possessed an arrogant nature did not like people to fawn over them too enthusiastically. Although he wished to win Jun Xie over, he would not push it too aggressively. To make the other party serve him wholeheartedly, he would naturally have his ways.

    Lei Chen secretly cast his gaze at the row of youths seated behind him. They were all disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy and almost immediately after the moment that Jun Xie had got up to leave the banquet hall, the disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy had moved as well, discreetly getting out of their seats to follow after.

    "My Royal Brother. Why are you being so courteous to that little kid? He is so skinny and frail looking, he doesn't look like he possesses any capabilities." Lei Yuan who was gorging himself silly beside Lei Chen looked at Jun Xie as he departed, grumbled with his mouth full.

    Lei Chen smiled and replied: "It is rare to see someone representing the Zephyr Academy to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament at such a young age. All things aside, he is also the youngest contestant this year and it is only natural that we look out for him a little. Why would my Second Royal Brother say something like this?"

    Lei Chen's tone was extremely gentle, but the meaning his words were expressing was made crystal clear. Although he was indeed showering Jun Xie with extra attention, it was because of his young and tender age. In this way, it would not cause people to suspect that he had any ulterior motives, but instead feel that the Yan Country's Crown Prince was a man as caring as it was rumored.
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