Chapter 778: “Banquet (5)”

    Chapter 778: "Banquet (5)"

    Not a single disciple from the other academies would dare speak ill of Lei Chen. So it fell onto Jun Wu Xie who had because of the exceptional attention Lei Chen showed to her, to have suddenly attracted a large amount of jealousy against her.

    "If you're too young, then don't come take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament. We are not just playing house here." Lei Yuan said, as his gaze shifted. He smirked to himself and he immediately made up some excuse to leave the banquet for a while. He had spotted the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy follow behind Jun Xie to leave the banquet and he knew there would sure be a great show to watch, so how could he miss it?

    Lei Chen watched Lei Yuan leave, his face still showing his gentle smile, but his eyes were tinged with malicious triumph.

    [The wise and resourceful does not need to dirty his own hands, but use other means around him to achieve his own desired ends!]


    Lei Chen's official residence was indeed befitting of the Crown Prince of the biggest country throughout the lands. From the front to the back, it was separated into four individual wings. They each had their own courtyard and under the silvery moonlight, ripples ran across the water's surface in the pond, as natural rocks filled the rock garden, accompanied by emerald green grass. Lined with resplendent lanterns and the glow from the pale moonlight, it was breathtaking, like a picturesque painting, every aspect emphasizing the Crown Prince's Residence's lavishness and indulgent extravagance.

    At that time, most of the youths who had arrived at the Crown Prince's Residence were mainly still at the banquet. Instead of appreciating the beauty of the Crown Prince's Residence, they would all rather attempt to win Lei Chen's admiration. Afterall, with the reputation of being the largest and most prosperous country behind him, if they really managed to catch Lei Chen's eye, they would be able to gain a strong foothold in the Yan Country when Lei Chen ascends to the throne. With an opportunity for their lives to immediately soar up into the skies right before their eyes, not a single one among them was able to let go of it.

    Only Jun Wu Xie was in the garden in this part of the Crown Prince's Residence. Guards occasionally patrolled past, and when they saw the uniform on Jun Wu Xie, and were certain that she was a guest from the banquet, they did not go forward to impose.

    In the quiet of the night, the garden was silent. Compared to the rowdiness at the banquet, Jun Wu Xie was more comfortable in this place.

    She put the black cat in the ground and whispered: "Go investigate."

    The little black cat glanced once at Jun Wu Xie and it immediately ran off, its tiny black body quickly blending into the darkness. As it took on such a tiny form, most people would not even notice the little black cat's presence.

    If Lei Chen was really holding the map, that would mean that he was in cahoots with one of the palaces among the Twelve Palaces. Jun Wu Xie did not intend to cross swords with the Twelve Palaces yet so she needed to first ascertain that there were no members of the Twelve Palaces in the Crown Prince's Residence.

    The little black cat had left just moments before and Jun Wu Xie suddenly heard footsteps coming from behind her.

    "I say the Zephyr Academy is really slipping and getting from bad to worse. They are even sending a little brat like this to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament! It wouldn't be good if those thin arms and skinny legs get broken during the competition." A voice edged with sarcasm sounded out, shattering the tranquility in the garden, as several youths dressed in the uniforms of the Dragon Slayers Academy stepped in.

    Jun Wu Xie turned around to stare at the several tall youths, her eyes cold and clear as water.

    "Kid, you having a good time sucking up to the Crown Prince?" One of the disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy said, looking at Jun Wu Xie in disdain, his expression blatantly showing his unfriendly intentions.

    Lei Chen's relationship with the top three academies had always been more or less the same, and he was only slightly closer to the War Banner Academy. But that was completely understandable as Lei Chen had studied under the War Banner Academy in the past. However, this time Lei Chen had taken the initiative to cosy up to the Zephyr Academy and this made the people from the Dragon Slayers Academy, who was also one of the top three, highly displeased.

    "The Zephyr Academy has fallen in decline and they had resorted to unscrupulous means to pander up to people? How utterly shameless." Another youth sneered loudly, as his eyes scanned the lone Jun Wu Xie from head to toe.
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