Chapter 783: “Banquet (10)”

    Chapter 783: "Banquet (10)"

    "I'm fine." Jun Wu Xie couldn't even be bothered to guess at the reason for Lei Yuan's change in attitude and she threw him a response carelessly before immediately turning away to continue her appreciation of the beautiful garden bathed in the soft moonlight.

    Soundly snubbed by Jun Wu Xie, Lei Yuan did not take the slightest offence but instead walked forward and continued to try to initiate a chat. "Good that you are fine. The Spirit Battle Tournament is hosted by us and if we allow the candidates to sustain any injuries before the tournament starts, it would be a failure on our part."

    Jun Wu Xie threw a glance at Lei Yuan, as the suspicions in her heart grew.

    Lei Chen's actions before had already puzzled her somewhat as she did not think that the Zephyr Academy in its decline had anything to offer him but Lei Chen had still insisted on sticking to them. That had already been detesting and she had avoided Lei Chen. And now, another Lei Yuan had come knocking. Were all the princes of the Yan Country like this? Were they all born with rocks in their heads?

    Besides her family members and her companions, Jun Wu Xie didn't like to speak to others. Lei Yuan was jabbering non stop and Jun Wu Xie interrupted him by saying curtly: "Going back."

    And she turned on her foot to return to the banquet without another word.

    Lei Yuan's face was one of complete speechlessness as the moonlight shone on it. He had thought that Jun Xie had given Lei Chen the cold shoulder because Jun Xie did not like Lei Chen personally and now that he was treated in a manner not unlike Lei Chen, he began to think that it was just that the youth possessed a cold personality and it didn't make a difference who the person approaching her was.

    "Second Prince?" The attendant at Lei Yuan's side asked softly in caution when he saw the Second Prince's chubby face frozen in mid sentence.

    "Back to the banquet!" Lei Yuan spat out through his tightly clenched jaws. With the exception of Lei Chen, no one had dared to snub him so badly. He was about to burst out in rage but when he recalled the bright green spirit glow that had flared out from Jun Xie's body earlier, he held down his anger and did not dare to act rashly.

    No matter how Jun Xie was going to respond to Lei Chen, Lei Yuan decided that it would not exactly be a smart move to go against a youth who possessed such heaven defying powers.

    The banquet had just begun and Lei Chen was chatting jovially with Qu Ling Yue beside him when the corner of his eyes shifted away briefly to see that after Jun Xie had barely just left, several disciples of Dragon Slayers Academy had almost immediately followed behind. Although the intentions of the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy were clear to Lei Chen, he did not intend to do anything to stop them. In the two short times that he had interacted with Jun Xie, He had come to understand that the youth was not that approachable a person, and if he really wanted to win Jun Xie over to his side, he would need to employ some unorthodox methods.

    And the Dragon Slayers Academy would lend him an unwitting "helping hand" in it.

    Lei Chen was filled with anticipation to see what kind of "entertainment" the disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy would be giving Jun Xie. Only when the cold and unapproachable little brat suffered a little, would he be able to make an appearance as the saviour, to quickly cement the relationship between him and Jun Xie.

    But just as Lei Chen was picturing the different scenarios that he would be able to swoop in to Jun Xie's rescue, he suddenly saw the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy running back in, their faces completely white. They went back to their seats without a word, their complexion a deathly pallor, looking not a single bit like people who had just returned triumphant from exacting their sweet revenge.

    Lei Chen's brows creased together. [Why are the reactions of the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy so different from what he had predicted?]

    [Didn't they go confront Jun Xie? Why are all of them looking like they had just seen a ghost?]

    Lei Chen was still grumbling incessantly in his heart when he suddenly saw a tiny figure stepping on the moonlit path coming in towards the banquet.

    He could not find a single mark or scratch on Jun Xie and even his clothes were still spic and span, without a crease on it. The expression on that face was still as calm, looking exactly like when he had left.

    [Could it be that the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy did not manage to find Jun Xie?]
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