Chapter 786: “Battle Begins (1)”

    Chapter 786: "Battle Begins (1)"

    After a few more days of final tweaking, the Spirit Battle Tournament that had ten of thousands pairs of eyes on it were finally declared officially opened. On the first day of the Spirit Battle Tournament, the disciples from the individual academies were split up into ten different locations to carry out league battles in ten separate districts. One disciple from each academy would represent their academies to participate in each district and the final winner of each district would go on to compete in the Spirit Battle Tournament as the top ten ranked fighters!

    The final ten youths would then contend for a rank in the top ten of the Grand Spirit Battle Tournament.

    To many among the mass of youths, this moment was one that pushed their young hearts into new heights of fervour, where they rubbed their fists in anticipation of showing everyone all that they are capable of.

    Every single academy had ten disciples split up in ten different regions and the Zephyr Academy was the only exception. As they had only registered six participants to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament this year, the number of districts they could participate in was only six.

    A situation like this was extremely rare to see in the history of the Spirit Battle Tournament.

    Not a single academy among the rest of them would be willing to give up a single spot in the ten that they were given and because of that, the Zephyr Academy had already attracted everyone's attention before the games had even begun.

    Bright and early on the first day, Jun Wu Xie dressed herself up in the Zephyr Academy's uniform, the front of her chest adorned with a jade badge indicating her allocated number for the competition, and made her way towards the battlefield hosting one of the district tournaments. She had split up with Hua Yao and the others back at the Immortals' Loft as there were too great a number of people taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament and none of the district battlegrounds were able to accommodate so many battles. Hence, the ten district tournaments were split up and located in ten different battlefields spread out within the Yan Country.

    The district that Jun Wu Xie was in was the first district. When she got to the first district, they place was already filled with disciples from the other academies. And as all the disciples from the respective academies had been split up, once you entered your allocated battle district, all that the eyes could see would only be competing opponents. Although the entire place was a pot of raucous and noisy racket, there was however a distinct absence of the usual cliques. All the youths were dressed in different uniforms and were looking warily at each other.

    In this place, there were no allies, but only opponents!

    And to walk out victorious from this place, would only be just one among all of them here!

    All the rest of them would finally only end up as mere stepping stones for the victor.

    The tournament had yet to even begin and sparks were already flying within battleground area, with many of the contestants already raring to have a go at each other.

    Jun Wu Xie was small in size and when she walked into the crowd of people, she was very soon swallowed up by the many disciples all taller in stature. She retreated quietly into a corner and observed the situation in the battleground.

    Over a thousand disciples were split up across ten different battlegrounds and every single location had at least over a hundred contestants. All the over a hundred contestants would be carrying out their battles lasting over the next twenty days, till the final victor emerged.

    The tournaments in each individual district would be carried out by process of elimination. Each battle would be between two single opponents and the victor advances to the next round while the defeated would lose their chance to compete in the tournament any further.

    The participants drew lots to determine their opponents and to some of them, the drawing of lots did not matter much but to the rest, whether they were lucky or not in their draws would decide how far they would go in this year's Spirit Battle Tournament.

    In previous years, almost all of the disciples from the various academies would secretly pray when they drew their lots to not draw anyone from the top three elite academies as their opponents, or they would be kicked out of the tournament in the very first round.

    There had been instances where some contestants had been extremely fortunate. Their skills and power were obviously just average but they had drawn a lot that allowed them to only fight opponents that possessed a similar amount of power and they ended up advancing high up the charts and were only defeated in the final round. Although they still did not manage to make it into the top ten, they had however muddled through and made it into the top twenty ranks. To be able to achieve a rank within the top twenty out of over a thousand contestants, it had still won them an incredible amount of honour and fame.
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