Chapter 788: “Battle Begins (3)”

    Chapter 788: "Battle Begins (3)"

    Qu Ling Yue was pretty and highly adorable, and her build not considered to be very tall. No one would have thought that the first rank of the War Banner Academy's Spirit Battle Tournament would be held by a little girl so sweet and delicate. Although Qu Ling Yue looked to be dainty and petite, but the background that she hailed from had made quite a number of people who harboured sinister intentions towards her to back off warily.

    Qu Ling Yue's father was the current Thousand Beast City's Chief Chieftain and throughout the history of the Thousand Beast City, two purple spirits had emerged. Although the Thousand Beast City did not have a purple spirit among them at that time, their fame for being powerful was still highly recognised.

    Jun Wu Xie had never had any interaction with Qu Ling Yue before. Even on the night of the banquet at the Crown Prince's Residence, she had only glanced passingly at Qu Ling Yue out of the corners of her eyes. Jun Wu Xie did not know why Qu Ling Yue would stare at her like that and with a gaze different from all the other people, completely devoid of enmity and more like she was searching for something.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her eyes away.

    Very soon, the person in charge of the drawing of lots walked into the holding area for the contestants. Placed on top of a table at the forefront, was an almost completely sealed box, the only opening being a hole just big enough for people to put their hand in. The boisterous youths suddenly quietened down as they all stared nervously at the box. They all knew that the thing that would decide how far they would be able to go in this Spirit Battle Tournament would depend on all that was in that box.

    One by one the youths walked forward, queuing up to draw a number. Every number drawn would correspond to two youths which meant that they would be each other's opponent in the upcoming first round.

    Jun Wu Xie walked over unhurriedly. She stood at the end of the queue and her appearance had attracted the attention of quite a number of people. Almost everyone wanted to be her opponent as in the eyes of all of them, no one else would be easier to defeat than the tiny brat as young as that.

    When a disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy stepped forward to draw his lot, many others stretched out the necks to look curiously. Those that had already drawn their numbers had when they saw the youth from the Dragon Slayers Academy show a lot depicting the number fifty all heaved a silent sigh of relief. They were all rejoicing that they had not drawn the same number as that youth.

    Seeing the reactions of the others, the disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy was feeling rather pleased with himself. He puffed up his chest and held his head up high snootily as he walked away from the table, the fearful gazes of some others fully satisfying his heart, filling it up with vanity.

    Qu Ling Yue got herself number seventeen and the other youth who was to fight her was feeling mighty crushed when he saw the number in Qu Ling Yue's hand.

    No matter how sweet and adorable Qu Ling Yue looked, her first ranked title in the War Banner Academy was enough to make others feel nothing but fear. With the exception of disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy, no one else there would think they having Qu Ling Yue as their opponent would give any advantage in the competition.

    The rest of the youths drew their lots one after another and besides the other number seventeen, another number that meant certain death for them had still not been picked. As the youths were still walking away from the table with trepidation on the unfortunate number, suddenly, throughout the entire floor, they soon saw that only Jun Wu Xie alone had not drawn a number, and she was the very last one.

    There would be no need to draw. Everyone knew for sure, that the last number in the box would undoubtedly be number fifty!

    While they were all celebrating that they had not been matched up with the Dragon Slayers Academy, those youths were at the same time also finding it a pity of the fact that the weakest little brat would be meeting the Dragon Slayers Academy in the first round. Having one of the two strongest contestants against the weakest opponent..... there was absolutely no doubt about the result.

    Just as everyone was still secretly lamenting that they had not been able to have drawn Jun Wu Xie as their opponent, the one person that everyone was secretly in fear of being matched up with from the Dragon Slayers Academy was suddenly seen to have turned green in the face!
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