Chapter 791: “Battle Begins (6)”

    Chapter 791: "Battle Begins (6)"

    Jun Wu Xie had strolled out of the first district battle arena and she had not walked far when she suddenly heard a series of hurried steps sounding out behind her. She turned around subconsciously and saw the disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy running at full speed towards her.

    "Regarding the incident the other night, I'm really....." Lin Qi had caught up with Jun Wu Xie only after much difficulty and he was just about to apologise for that night's incident and to plead with Jun Wu Xie to not beat him up too badly in their upcoming match.

    In the end, he had not even managed to finish his sentence when a pretty looking figure suddenly appeared between Lin Qi and Jun Wu Xie.

    "Your match has not started yet and between then and now, the Spirit Battle Tournament's rules does not allow any fights or battles to occur." Qu Ling Yue was suddenly standing in front of Jun Wu Xie, blocking her from Lin Qi as she stared darkly at the flustered Lin Qi.

    Lin Qi was surprised a moment and he immediately recognized Qu Ling Yue for who she was, and his mind was suddenly rather confused.

    [What was someone from the War Banner Academy doing all the way out here?]

    [And..... What did she mean with those words?]

    [Why did it sound like he was looking to pick a fight with Jun Xie?]

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Lin Qi and Qu Ling Yue who had appeared suddenly one after the other, and her eyebrow raised up. Before she could even speak, she suddenly found her arm being pulled by Qu Ling Yue.

    "If you dare to secretly do anything against the rules, I will be sure to report you!" Qu Ling Yue's almond eyes narrowed as she stared fiercely at Lin Qi, then immediately dragged Jun Wu Xie to continue their way forward, completely depriving Lin Qi of any chance of speaking up at all.

    Lin Qi stood completely speechless in his spot, looking blankly as Qu Ling Yue dragged Jun Wu Xie away, and it was quite a while later before he finally regained his senses.

    [Wait a minute!]

    [The lass from the War Banner Academy must have misunderstood my intentions!]

    [I wasn't looking to pick a fight with that kid you know! ? I was here to plead for him to be merciful in our match! !]

    Alas, by the time he recovered his senses, Qu Ling Yue had already pulled Jun Wu Xie and disappeared from sight.....

    Lin Qi suddenly felt so much like tearing out his hair there and then!

    Jun Wu Xie was dragged by Qu Ling Yue to weave through several streets, before turning into a less crowded side street. Her calm eyes swept over Qu Ling Yue's slightly flushed face and when they were finally at a spot where there was no one around, Qu Ling Yue finally stopped. She turned around to look at Jun Wu Xie and was just about to open her mouth to speak when she noticed Jun Wu Xie staring at her. At that moment, Qu Ling Yue who had just one moment ago been so fiercely assertive suddenly seemed to notice something else where she suddenly retrieved her hand, and two faint flushes of red quickly blossomed on her fair cheeks.

    "You..... You..... You must not misunderstand..... I..... I am not some good..... No..... not anybody bad..... I was afraid that the person from the Dragon Slayers Academy..... would make things difficult for you..... And I had then....." Qu Ling Yue would suddenly become extremely clumsy with her words when she gets nervous. She looked highly flustered as she glanced sheepishly at Jun Wu Xie who was half a head shorter than she was, looking exactly like a wounded small animal.

    "Why did you help me?" Jun Wu Xie was inversely calm and expressionless. Although she did not know why the disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy had come out chasing after her, but it had been obvious from Qu Ling Yue's actions and words that Qu Ling Yue was trying to protect her.

    That had made Jun Wu Xie rather curious. She didn't believe Qu Ling Yue and her knew each other at all.

    Qu Ling Yue was startled and her mind subconsciously recalled the image of that incredibly handsome man that had appeared in the Flame Spirit Auction House the other day, and instantly, her face turned so red she looked like smoke was going to come out of her ears!

    The fact that she had noticed Jun Wu Xie was entirely due to that day. She had spotted that unbelievably good looking man at the Flame Spirit Auction House and had found out from Lei Chen's words that he was from the Zephyr Academy. And on that day, Jun Wu Xie had been right beside that man! The moment that she had spotted Jun Wu Xie at the arena, it had immediately reminded Qu Ling Yue of that ageless and flawlessly handsome looking face.
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