Chapter 792 : “Zephyr Rises Once More”

    Chapter 792 : "Zephyr Rises Once More"

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the face that was so red it seemed it was almost cooked of Qu Ling Yue's and an eyebrow of Jun Wu Xie's raised up. After waiting for some time, Jun Wu Xie saw that Qu Ling Yue still did not speak up but just continued to flush red before suddenly turning away and running away in escape, her hands covering her face.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie found that she really could not understand the actions of people.


    [What's wrong with her?]

    The little black cat leapt up onto Jun Wu Xie's shoulder, lazily swishing its tail.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her hand up to scratch at the little black cat's chin, pushing the thoughts of Qu Ling Yue's strange actions out of her mind.

    When Jun Wu Xie got back to the Immortals' Loft, only Fan Jin was in, and all the others had not returned yet, making Jun Wu Xie think that the numbers they others had drawn must have been quite near the front. Jun Wu Xie who had nothing better to do then went on to continue cultivating her elixirs.

    While Jun Wu Xie locked herself in the room busying herself with her elixirs, several battle arenas across the Yan Country's Capital city had suddenly exploded their lids off as the people broke into a frenzy!

    In this year's Spirit Battle Tournament, the Zephyr Academy was one that nobody saw as a threat and all the youths who drew disciples of the Zephyr Academy as their opponents did not feel the slightest pressure like they would have in past years. But all of the relaxed and eager attitudes of their opponents were very quickly crushed to smithereens.

    Every single battle arena that had disciples of the Zephyr Academy in their matches had completely blown up with unbelievable fervour! Hua Yao and the others whom everyone had all despised, suddenly displayed complete and irrepressible overwhelming, defeating all their opponents in a mere second!

    Without exception, and under irrefutable circumstances!

    If something like this had happened only in one district, it could be said to have just been a fluke. But when something so inconceivable occurred in five different districts, all the other academies suddenly erupted into a shocked frenzy!

    Even when the Zephyr Academy had been at their pinnacle of strength, they had not been able to gather such a mind bogglingly bunch of disciples with such insane power. It must be known that every single one of those five contestants from the Zephyr Academy were all a flush of blue spirits! Without exception! !

    [Sixteen and seventeen year old blue spirits!]

    [What kind of pure insanity was that! ?]

    At the very same moment when Hua Yao and the others had exhibited their spirit powers, the entire battle arena had suddenly fallen dead silent. What followed after had been undoubtedly a pure crushing defeat of their opponents, which all happened in less than a blink. The five of them had in five different battles, in five different districts dominated over their opponents, viciously slapping all the faces of those who has looked down on the Zephyr Academy!

    And that was such a resounding slap that rocked the entire Capital city!

    Within the short period of a mere half day, the ferocious fame of the Zephyr Academy spread throughout the Yan Country's Capital city. When Lei Chen who was seated within the Crown Prince's Residence received the news, the calligraphy brush that he gripped in his hand was snapped in two.

    [Five sixteen and seventeen year old blue spirits?]

    [How was that possible ! ! ?]

    On the very first day of the tournament, Hua Yao and the others had with their very own powers stuffed up everyone's mouths, and at that moment, the Zephyr Academy had once again become the favourite topic of heated debate among all the various academies.

    As all the difficult trials of spirit power cultivation were all well known to everyone, needless to say attaining the blue spirit at sixteen or seventeen years of age, even reaching the peak of the orange spirit at that age would have already required one to be highly gifted. To advance to the yellow spirit would then mean that person would have to the a prodigy among prodigies and even throughout the numerous numbers of academies, with the mere exception of the Dragon Slayers and the War Banner, there hadn't been a disciple that had been able to breakthrough to the yellow spirit.

    And now the Zephyr Academy had just smashed and broken all these perceived norms and nonchalantly thrown out not one, but five youths with blue spirits!

    [How is the Spirit Battle Tournament going to carry on from here?]

    With the insurmountable difference of several spirit power levels, and with their complete and absolute dominance in their matches, the Zephyr Academy's prestige and reputation was quickly reinstated, delivering hard merciless slaps to all those who were waiting to watch the Zephyr Academy being humiliated. The sudden appearance of the five blue spirits had also flabbergasted all of the many talent scouts hidden within the Imperial Capital who were sent here by various powers across the lands!
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