Chapter 794 : “Zephyr Rises Once More (3)”

    Chapter 794 : "Zephyr Rises Once More (3)"

    Fei Yan and the others followed suit and sat down as well, looking well flustered and bothered.

    "All of you won resounding victories?" Jun Wu Xie walked slowly to come before the others. Judging from the situation at the Immortals' Loft, she could very well guess how Qiao Chu and the others done at the tournament.

    To have made the various powers from all over the lands change their opinion of the Zephyr Academy in a short half day, besides having Qiao Chu and all the others completely crushing their opponents to win at the Spirit Battle Tournament, there could be no other possibility.

    Qiao Chu took a deep breath and lifted the badge on his chest before he said with a grin: "It wasn't just resounding, we didn't even need to make a second move and it had ended."

    They hadn't really meant to humiliate their opponents, but their opponents had really been too weak and they had not even been able to show off their skills.

    All of the opponents that Qiao Chu and the others had battled with were either red spirits or orange spirits. There had been too great a difference between their spirit power levels and even if they did not use their abilities to temporarily raise their spirit powers, they were still able to defeat their opponents within a split second.

    "But seriously speaking..... Suddenly having to raise my hand against people of the Lower Realm, I am still not very used to it." Fei Yan said, staring at his own pair of hands. Back at the Phoenix Academy, Yan Bu Gui strictly forbade them from fighting with people from the Lower Realm and although people from the Middle Realm mainly relied on temporarily raising their spirit power levels to cultivate which allowed them to attain the power of the Purple Spirit, but the different methods employed for their cultivation allowed people from the Middle Realm to grow and progress more quickly, which resulted in the companions, who were all already highly gifted at birth, to be able to win such beautiful and resounding victories in the Lower Realm.

    All this while, the only people Fei Yan and the others have fought against were mainly only people from the Middle Realm, or enemies who were more advanced in age and already possessed a certain level of power. But this time, they were facing youths who were of a similar age with them and their level of power was ..... They could find no other words than "tragically weak" to describe it.

    "I was feeling the same thing. I think we have been mixing too long with Little Xie and I have forgotten the disparity between the Lower and Middle Realms! I kept thinking that the two are largely similar but it is obvious to see now. We were not biased in our understanding of the different realms but it was just that Little Xie has broken all their boundaries and misled us all."

    Qiao Chu said, his chin resting in his upturned palm, looking inquisitively at Jun Wu Xie.

    If the speed of the companions' progress in their spirit power cultivation was considered fast, then that demonic monstrous Little Xie could only be described as "maniacal" and "insane". She was obviously a little brat from the Lower Realm, but the progress she was making was much faster than anyone of them there!

    If not for the Spirit Battle Tournament battles today, they would have really pegged the standards of power in the Lower Realm to Jun Wu Xie's.

    And the battles today had let them clearly realised how big a gap there was between the Lower and Middle Realms, and at the same time..... Just how inconceivably demonic Jun Wu Xie was through and through!

    "And you are from the Lower Realm. If you had been born in the Middle Realm, wouldn't you be attempting to break through to the Purple Spirit by now?" Qiao Chu exclaimed, looking more and more amazed by Jun Wu Xie's astounding powers.

    Jun Wu Xie glared at Qiao Chu and said calmly: "My ring spirit is different from ordinary people."

    She did not think that she possessed extraordinary gift in the cultivation of spirit power. It was just a matter of chance and coincidence that she had inherited the shell body's ring spirit. The cultivation method for plant based ring spirits were highly abnormal. As long as the right conditions were met, her cultivation would not only be extremely fast, it also did not require much effort from her.

    "Luck is a big part of one's power as well." Qiao Chu said with a forlorn sigh. Jun Wu Xie wasn't the only one who possessed a plant based ring spirit. But many of those who possessed it had not even been aware that their ring spirits had awakened throughout their entire life, and moreover..... Possessing a ring spirit like this, was both a good thing, and a bad thing.

    The speed in the progress of their cultivation might be something to be happy about, but the additional dangers that came with it was not something the average person would be able to bear!
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