Chapter 800: “Insider News (1)”

    Chapter 800: "Insider News (1)"

    It was a day later before it was Jun Wu Xie's turn to battle in her match. After the Zephyr Academy's huge turnaround, no one dared look down on anyone from the Zephyr Academy. Even the youngest contestant Jun Xie was seen as a highly skilled candidate.


    For Jun Wu Xie's first match, there was another unexpected incident.

    On the day of the match, Jun Wu Xie stepped up onto the middle of the stage but Lin Qi was nowhere to be seen for a long while. Everybody in the crowd were all highly anticipating to see Lin Qi from the Dragon Slayers Academy slug it out with Jun Xie. They already knew that the other five from the Zephyr Academy possessed extraordinary powers and they were now very curious about the youngest Jun Xie among them.

    The seconds ticked by into minutes. The eyes of the crowd searched throughout the arena but they did not see any sign of Lin Qi. The referee in charge of the match kept glancing over to look at the entrance of the arena entrance, but still did not see the other contestant appear.

    They waited for an entire two hours before they had no choice but to call out the next pair of opponents.

    The rules of the Spirit Battle Tournament did not allow people to delay the competition without good reason. When the delay went beyond two hours, it would be judged as a forfeit!

    Lin Qi had not appeared within that two hour time frame, and according to the judge's decision, that was equivalent to a voluntary forfeit!

    The situation completely baffled many people. Although the other disciples of the Zephyr Academy had achieved astounding results in their matches before this and they did not dare underestimate the petite sized Jun Xie, but..... Lin Qi was a disciple of the esteemed Dragon Slayers Academy afterall! Having run away without even fighting gave everyone in the crowd there some food for thought.

    Towards Lin Qi's forfeit, Jun Wu Xie wasn't in the least bothered by it and she stepped off the stage and left the arena immediately, having gained victory, without even executed a single move.

    The first round of the tournament concluded quickly after that. Hua Yao and the other continued to crush their opponents with their overwhelming power, while things on Jun Wu Xie's side was becoming more and more strange.

    Her opponent for the second round was from a relatively unknown tiny academy. On the day that the match was to commence, her opponent had suddenly sent a fellow disciple to bring them news of his voluntary surrender. When that fellow disciple who brought them the news saw Jun Xie, his eyes had been filled with fear.

    The first time could be by accident, and the second time a coincidence.

    But when the match for the third round started and Jun Wu Xie's opponent continued to choose to surrender, the atmosphere in the arena suddenly became strange!

    The Zephyr Academy might have indeed risen from the ashes. But when the youngest contestant of theirs had repeatedly seen his opponents surrender or forfeit without even putting up a fight, people would undoubtedly become suspicious! It must be known that there wasn't a single other instance of anyone declaring a forfeit in all the other battle districts but Jun Xie had already met with it three times!

    Even if it was said that people had grown fearful of the formidable powers of the Zephyr Academy, but if they wanted to avoid them, they should be avoiding Qiao Chu and the others. Jun Xie was seen to be very young in age and even if in the eyes of people, he was seen as being more gifted than the disciples in other academies, there was still a limit to it, and not result in such a ridiculous situation.

    Just when the suspicions were growing in the hearts of everyone, a piece of news suddenly began to spread among the various academies.

    It was rumoured that the reason why several of Jun Xie's opponents had consecutively forfeited their matches was because the Yan Country's Crown Prince, Lei Chen, had gone to the contestants before the matches began and threatened and bribed them, forcing them to forfeit their matches with Jun Xie!

    Once the news reached everyone, they were all incredibly shocked!
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