Chapter 802: “Insider News (3)”

    Chapter 802: "Insider News (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly shook her head.

    "The news isn't released by Lei Chen himself."

    "What make you say that?" Qiao Chu asked.

    Jun Wu Xie said: "The matter is indeed carried out by Lei Chen's hands. No doubt. But the news about it was not leaked out by Lei Chen. If Lei Chen wanted those disciples to drop out from the tournament, he would not be so dumb to leave such obvious injuries on the disciple's face. Moreover, the one who was spotted sporting those injuries was my opponent for the third round and he was merely a disciple from a relatively unknown academy. With Lei Chen's position and authourity, he wouldn't even need to injure the disciple but with just an appropriate bribe, he would be able to make the guy submit to him. But the disciple had instead showed up before everyone with his face full of injuries, don't you find it all a little strange? If my guess is correct, the person who released the news should be attempting to sabotage Lei Chen's reputation with it."

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. She had absolutely no interest in the Yan Country's internal problems but the culprit had used her to achieve his ends, and dragging the Zephyr Academy down together in it.

    Lei Chen had an almost flawless reputation in the Yan Country and the hosting of the Spirit Battle Tournament this year was handed to Lei Chen with him being put fully in charge of it. If anything problem cropped up within the tournament this year, it could very well destroy the hard earned stellar reputation Lei Chen had spent so many years building up.

    Although Jun Wu Xie did not really like Lei Chen, but she was still of the belief that with Lei Chen's nature and temperament, he would never so easily give his enemies such an easy handle to hold against him.

    An intelligent person like him would know how to protect his own reputation.

    "That means someone had something against Lei Chen? But who could it be? He is afterall the Crown Prince of the Yan Country and enjoys the favour of the Emperor, who would be able to go against him?" Fan Zhuo was deep in thought as well. Jun Wu Xie's guess had not been wrong, but the incidents did seem rather strange to him.

    For a Crown Prince who greatly treasured his name and reputation, how was it possible that he would do something that would so easily besmirch his name?

    So, who could it be, that dared to scheme against Lei Chen?

    Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes. For some reason, she was suddenly reminded of Mo Qian Yuan as both of them were the Crown Prince of a country. Mo Qian Yuan's situation in the Qi Kingdom had been really awful initially and was only holding an empty title whereby he was secretly schemed against by his father, the Emperor, and his brother, a prince.

    On the surface, Mo Qian Yuan and Lei Chen would seem to be entirely different situations, but.....

    Jun Wu Xie could still clearly remember. Before the Qi Kingdom's previous Empress passed away, Mo Qian Yuan's reputation among his people had been just like Lei Chen's now. It was not until the Empress passed on from illness and her entire family massacred which cut off all support for the Crown Prince that Mo Qian Yuan was gradually pushed to fall in an abysmal decline, to turn into a highly fatuous Crown Prince.

    And with this fiery incident in the Spirit Battle Tournament, it suddenly caused Jun Wu Xie to develop a certain suspicion to sprout in her mind.

    Was Lei Chen experiencing the same fate that Mo Qian Yuan had suffered previously?

    Hosting the Spirit Battle Tournament was a highly heavy responsibility, but it had been fully handed over into Lei Chen's hands. And not long after the Spirit Battle Tournament had just begun, such a damning slip up had occurred!

    "The Yan Country has a total of four princes?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly asked Fei Yan as her head suddenly lifted.

    Fei Yan nodded: "That's right. There are four princes. Besides Lei Chen, there are still another three. Among them, we have already met the Second Prince, Lei Yuan, back at the banquet. The other two princes who were absent were the Third Prince, Lei Qiu and the Fourth Prince, Lei Fan. Lei Qiu has the least presence among the four princes and while the Fourth Prince Lei Fan was not borne by the Empress, he was left in the care and brought up by the Empress from young, resulting in Lei Chen and Lei Fan becoming rather close."
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