Chapter 803: “Insider News (4)”

    Chapter 803: "Insider News (4)"

    "If they are that close, back at the banquet at the Crown Prince's Residence, why had even Lei Yuan shown up but he did not?" Fan Zhuo asked, his brow raised.

    Fei Yan shrugged his shoulders, indicating he did not know.

    "But among the four princes, the one most favoured by the Emperor is the Fourth Prince. But he is still very young and is only fourteen years old." Fei Yan quipped.

    "Fourteen." Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. Compared to the other three princes, he was a bit younger. But..... Lei Fan's age had caused Jun Wu Xie to take note of something. She thought about it for awhile but did not talk about that but only said: "It does not matter who is going against Lei Chen. But if that person is using me to discredit Lei Chen, in order to not drag the Zephyr Academy's name into it, our plans will need some adjustments made to it."

    They had participated in the Spirit Battle Tournament so that the reputation of the Zephyr Academy could be restored. But if these rumours were to continue to spread, the Zephyr Academy's name would not only not reinstate to its former glory, it could very well become indelibly tarnished.

    "You already have something in mind?" Fan Zhuo asked Jun Wu Xie, his brow raised.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "In order not to affect the Zephyr Academy's name, we can only draw our lines clearly with Lei Chen. No matter who is scheming against him, we must not allow the Zephyr Academy to be dragged in. So, we must act before that happens."

    She had initially intended to use their relationship with Lei Chen to retrieve the map after the Spirit Battle Tournament concluded. But with the way things stood at that moment, the plans would have to change.

    "If we kick up a ruckus, would it draw the people from the Middle Realm here?" Rong Ruo asked.

    If Lei Chen asked the people of the Middle Realm to interfere, the companions would not be able to even continue to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament.

    Jun Wu Xie was shaking her head instead.

    "We will only need to find the location of the map and have Fei Yan duplicate a copy of it." Although it would be good to have the original copy, but in the current circumstances, they needed to just take whatever they could.

    Jun Wu Xie wanted both the map and to help the Zephyr Academy to restore its name, and she was not willing to relinquish either one.

    "When do we do it?" Hua Yao asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Tonight." Jun Wu Xie said calmly. While the rumour was still raging, it was best that it was smothered at its peak.

    The companions looked at one another and nodded.

    "Fan Jin, make a trip to the Crown Prince's Residence and say that we would like to pay a visit to the Crown Prince's Residence tonight.

    Fan Jin got up immediately upon hearing Jun Wu Xie's words and left the Immortals' Loft.

    Meanwhile in the Crown Prince's Residence, Lei Chen's brows were furrowed as he sat in his study. He had dismissed all his guards and was sitting alone at his table, his eyes staring in anger at the piece of news he had just received in his hand.

    "They are making a move already?" Lei Chen gripped the stack of letters in his hand and his fingers tightened, his eyes filling up with hatred and aggrieved injustice.

    "I will not let you have it your way. This life of mine, my very breath, will not be handed over to anyone!" Lei Chen's eyes had narrowed to venomous slits as he held the letters over the candle flame, watching as the flame caught, slowly engulfing the parchment as it blackened and curled up, but the look in Lei Chen's eyes did not wane in the slightest.

    He was running out of time. If he still did not act, he might not have a chance to anymore.....

    Even if he had to exchange everything he had to the devil, he would not hesitate in the slightest!

    Just as the glowing embers were gradually burning out on the burnt parchment, a knock sounded from outside the door.

    Lei Chen suppressed the venomous look in his eyes and asked in a gentle voice: "What is the matter?"
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